Why have we started reporting stats on this site about impeachment? Keepingtrack of the numbers will tell us how close we are to getting Trumpimpeached. Although the US Consititution lays out the legalities ofimpeachment, actually impeaching the President is fundamentally a political move. And in politics today, stats are an important influencerof the behaviour of our politicians.

The first stat we track is Executive Orders. Trump has been signing executiveorders at an alarming rate, freely wielding the executive power providedto him as the President. Impeachment is the check and balance againstthis executive power. If the President abuses the ability to createexecutive orders, then he or she must face the possibility of impeachment. We cannot let our President behave like a monarch, andimpeachment was added to the consititution to prevent just this.

The second stat we track is the number of people who have signed theonline Impeach Trump Now petition. The number of signers has beenincreasing at a rapid rate. As the numbers swell, our politicians cannot ignore it.

The final stat we track is Trump’s approval rating. Since impeachmentis political, impeaching a popular president will not succeed. Many articles of impeachment have been tabled in the house against popular presidents (for example, Ronald Regan), that have gone nowhere. The impeachment process will not get going until Trump’sapproval rating tanks. The impeachment process against Nixon didn’t gain steam until his approval rating starting dropping like a rock.

Here are the sources for our impeachment stats:

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