Impeachment, resignation, treason, federal charges—reaction to the stunning Trump-Ukraine news

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Thursday ended with the absolute bombshell news that Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani allegedly schemed to withhold military and financial aid to Ukraine—unless the newly-elected prime minister you know, maybe found some kind of dirt on Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, who has done work in Ukraine. You could and should read more about this scandal from Mark Sumner, who has a great summary of the situation and a complete timeline of the scandal. 

For what it’s worth, we aren’t talking small funds here. We are talking $250 million in aid that the White House blocked this summer, which was, coincidentally, released on Thursday.

Almost immediately after the news skyrocketed to the top trending topic on social media, Rudy Giuliani appeared on CNN where he lost his mind on CNN and admitted he was a co-conspirator in a Ukraine deal. More incredibly, Giuliani then ran to Twitter to not just affirm his role; he also directly implicated Donald Trump.

Rudy Giuliani confesses on Twitter

So, what is the reaction on Twitter from pundits, elected officials, former U.S. attorneys and more? In short—treason, corruption, bribery, extortion. Let’s get to it.

Former U.S. Attorney and current University of Alabama law professor Joyce Alene:

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti:

Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) dropped the “T” word.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) added critical new information.

Preet Bharara, former U.S. Attorney from the Southern District of New York, had the excellent vision of Barry Berke as the one to question Giuliani in a future hearing. After all, Berke did a fantastic job wiping the smug off Corey Lewandowski’s mug.

Dan Pfeiffer, former senior advisor to President Obama:

Washington Post conservative blogger Jennifer Rubin:

and …

Former U.S. ambassador to Russia:

Former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama:

And that’s just a round-up of tonight’s reaction. Nothing yet from the 2020 candidates, but needless to say, this story is still developing and we’ll have more tomorrow.

In the meantime, which 2020 candidate do you think will be the first to call for Donald Trump’s resignation? Sound off in the comments.

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5 Comments on "Impeachment, resignation, treason, federal charges—reaction to the stunning Trump-Ukraine news"

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Typical, deflect on your opponent what you did. Nice try, but we have Joe Biden on camera threatening to do just that while he was Vice Predident, long before Trump got in Fake News!

David Bishop
David Bishop

When you have the senate, justice department, and supreme court in your pocket, you’re free to do whatever. This is much ado about nothing, once again. Pelosi will make certain of it.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Yeah they are going on about this crazy that the Bidens might have done something in the Ukraine. This is whole trump is bilking our own country for millions of dollars everyday. He’s also taken money from Russia and Saudi Arabia. And we are supposed to worry about what the Bidens might have done. Give me a break. When are we going to prosecute these assholes. We don’t have to charge them. Morons keep confessing and nobody does anything.

Markm Mitchell
Markm Mitchell

Impeachment of Trump, et al, and jail.

Wendy Irene
Wendy Irene

Beto and Elizabeth Warren would be the first to demand his resignation.