Immigrant communities prep for ICE raids as Trump works to stir up fear

ABC News / YouTube How Donald Trump Has Used Twitter...
ABC News / YouTube

Donald Trump postponed the ICE raids slated to begin arresting and deporting “millions” of immigrants on Sunday, but he’s still terrorizing immigrant communities and trying to use that terror against Democrats. Trump tweeted Sunday that the “big Deportation” would happen in two weeks … unless Democrats give him what he wants. The delay is “to give the Democrats every last chance to quickly negotiate simple changes to Asylum and Loopholes,” he claimed. Simple changes, huh?

Meanwhile, immigrant communities are getting ready. Churches are preparing to offer sanctuary and community and advocacy groups are setting up hotlines and working to be sure people know their rights. “In Chicago,” The Washington Post reports, “workers canvassed immigrant neighborhoods handing out informational cards, accompanied by the new mayor, Lori Lightfoot, who told local media she had a message for Trump: ‘Back off.’” Speakers gave out similar information at a Los Angeles rally.

If Trump wanted his big operation to go off cleanly, of course, he would have kept his mouth shut and let it be a surprise to the people being targeted. But the fear is the point. The effort to get Democrats to let him bend the rules to his will is the point, so he can do worse things legally. We don’t know what’s actually coming in two weeks, and in all likelihood neither does Trump. But as long as he’s stomping around showing his power to terrify children and families, he doesn’t much mind.

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