Ilhan Omar sets Trump straight on the true meaning of impeachment

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Donald Trump seems to think a healthy U.S. economy should make him immune from impeachment.

That’s a little like saying a thief should be let off because he pays his taxes. Or that Mussolini made the trains run on time. But then Trump has never been one for, well, the law.

In another flailing tweet, Trump said that his “work” as POTUS should absolve him of any crimes he may have committed. Because … well, just because.

But, hey, it doesn’t work that way:

As Omar pointed out, claiming immunity because you think you’re doing a good job is just nonsense.

Also, “ashame” isn’t a word.

And there’s no reason to capitalize “country,” “economy,” and “military.”

And “Lite” is a trademark of MillerCoors.

And job growth has actually slowed considerably since Trump took over as president.

And stock market gains were higher under Obama than under Trump during the first three years of their respective presidencies.

And putting “REAL USA!” in all caps just makes him look stupid and desperate.

But other than that, hey, PERFECT TWEET!

Thanks, Rep. Omar, for pointing out what impeachment means to the actual president of the United States. But — spoiler alert — he still doesn’t get it.


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If he is to absolved for the amount of work he has done, it would be equal to him spitting on the sidewalk.


He doesn’t have to “get it”, Putin said. He’ll do what he wants and when. No consequences.