Merrick Garland has once again failed the American people.

Not much to say other than that. The DoJ has an obligation to uphold the rule of law, even when it’s hard. These people broke the law and lied in sworn testimony. The evidence is clear, and the IG presented that evidence to the DoJ. If you or I did that, we would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But we are not wealthy, white, male, and elite. 

The Biden Administration is sending a clear message to fascists and their enablers — you rascals, you lied, but you’ll never ever pay a price for it. Thinking about the number of people rotting in a jail cell for less, their lives ruined and their futures destroyed, and then watching these bastards get away with this time and time again, is maddening. 

We need a real AG. We need an AG who understands the threat we face, one willing to actually uphold the rule of law. You cannot stand before the American people and insist no one is above the law, and then prove exactly the opposite every time a criminal in the Trump orbit has their number come up. 

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