When I tell people that I live north of Canada, some of them, not familiar with Geography are amazed and do not believe me. But sure enough the Detroit metro area is north of Canada.


Way way back in the time before modern day when dinosaurs walked the Earth with man, it was relatively easy to cross from Detroit to Windsor Canada, and vice versa. You would just need a Drivers License and the ability to answer a few questions. Sometimes if you were suspicious acting, or if they decided to pull every nth car over and you were the nth car, you got pulled over. However this was rare and as a result from the time of my birth for many years we used to go to visit relatives in Windsor. Later on I went a few times thru this border to visit Toronto, etc.

There are 2 ways currently to get to Detroit. Via the Ambassador Bridge which is1 ½ miles long, is also the busiest international crossing point in North America (Or so it was before COVID). Or the Tunnel 75 feet below the Detroit River.  It is the only underwater-tunnel for automobiles that cross International borders in the entire world, and to a young child can be scary as hell.

I have been to Canada so many times I would not even know the exact number. It amazed me how clean and friendly Canada and many of its people were, so it was always fun to go there.

How about you? What is the first foreign country that you ever visited. 

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