If you want a good laugh, Check Out Tonight’s “Thing 2”

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If you want a good laugh, watch the PSA in Thing 2 from tonight’s “All In, with Chris Hayes.” To skip the ‘doctored Pelosi video’ created by the right-wing smear machine, start this commentary at about the Time-Mark 1:00 …

How To Spot Deceptively Edited Videos | All In | MSNBC — May 24, 2019 — Link

I’m still laughing. That we have such a clown, in charge of OUR Government.

Why doesn’t he resign already, and go back to hawking steaks?   Something he’s actually good at.

Turn-about is fair-play after all.  Speaking of ‘losing a step or two.’

Share widely and often.  Team trump does.

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Michael owens
Michael owens

Get rid of the prick now!!!!!!