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Been reading a great deal about the issues around who will be the next Speaker of the House.  About Nancy Pelosi and those who oppose her. What is blatantly obvious is that Trump and the GOP do NOT want her back as Speaker.  What has become equally obvious is that there are some, supposedly on our side, who agree with them.

To say I’m irritated is an understatement. I’m also equally determined and refuse to play the game that the GOP and some male Democrats want us to play.  And lets not forget MSM. They love this crap.

So lets get clear.

None of us would hire someone who hasn’t been to medical school as a Doctor. Right?

We know that training and experience matters when it comes to our health, fixing our cars or homes, or teaching our kids.

Why ignorance is suddenly a plus point when it comes to working for us in a governmental capacity is beyond foolish. Why “newness” is suddenly a virtue is ridiculous. It’s also sexist and ageist. We’re not going clothes shopping or buying a car.

We’re in a war for the soul of this country. People’s lives are on the line. Who is leading that fight matters. Nancy Pelosi is a successful war time General, one familiar with the terrain and the enemy’s tactics. She is a large part of why we are in the midst of an on-going Blue Wave election.

That is exactly why the GOP attacks her. She scares the crap out of them. They know how good she is.

If you or a loved one have a pre-existing condition, Nancy Pelosi made sure you would have health care. If you or a loved one needed Pell Grants for school, Nancy Pelosi made sure you would have them. If you wanted the Recession of 2008 to end, Nancy Pelosi helped make that happen. If you wanted a damn Blue Tsunami mid — term election in 2018, Nancy Pelosi worked her heart and soul out to help make that happen. And that’s the short list.

Millions of Americans have been helped by the efforts of this woman. Our country may just have been saved from the Trump administration’s ravages because of Nancy Pelosi.

It’s past time we had her back.

First Rule – We don’t do the GOP’s work for them.

Second Rule – if the GOP is afraid of an effective grandmother, I want her working for us.

Third Rule — if the GOP is afraid of any effective & honorable woman, person of color, or member of the LGBTQ community, I want them working for us.

Fourth Rule —  See Rules 1-3

We do NOT cower. We do NOT dance with the devil.  We do NOT sell out the people who got us here.

Yes, it is.

I’m amazed Ryan didn’t add — “we have binders full of them.” I don’t play nice with entitled sexist idiots, especially when they should know better.  Obviously, he and his brethren have chosen not to.

Now five  spineless white guys, basically blobs of generic brand mayonnaise, are feverishly attempting to block Pelosi as the next Speaker. None of them, including yoga instructor Tim Ryan, have the guts to step forward themselves, but now they’re positing Marcia Fudge, because who hates women, NOT THEM; all they know is they don’t want Pelosi. Why? Because of her track record of success? She’s a “goddamn legislative virtuoso.” Next? She’s a liberal from San Francisco? Schumer is from New York. He’s probably never even seen a pickup truck with a gun rack on the back!

The Senate is structured such that Democrats have to compete in solid red states to have a shot at the majority, and yet no one suggests ditching Schumer for Sherrod Brown, who is from the midwest and is fully conscious. Senate Democrats weren’t pressed that hard during the election about Schumer. House Democrats, though, were constantly on the defensive about Pelosi, who took it all in stride. “Just win, baby,” she said of Democrat candidates who distanced themselves from her. Donald Trump and the GOP tried to frame the midterms as all about the nightmare scenario of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Every dude with an opinion — so like every dude — suggested that Pelosi was a “threat” to Democrats’ midterm chances. These people never seem to think that Mitch McConnell, who is less popular than leprosy, is a Republican albatross. Once the results were in, even conservative pundit Joe Scarborough admitted that Republicans ran hard against Pelosi and suffered their “worst loss since Watergate.” Here endeth the lesson….

…Yes, I realize Pelosi is 78 years old and reportedly only getting older. She also  stood in four-inch heels for more than eight hours this year to defend Dreamers from the Trump administration. Could Ryan downward dog for that long? The five white guys are at least aware of the optics of trying to oust the first woman speaker, so they’ve trotted out the banana in the tailpipe argument that they’d totally support a woman, just not this woman. We heard this song before with Hillary Clinton and it’s still just as sexist as Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” video. Whenever a woman starts to threaten men’s hold on power, she suddenly grows devil horns and their testicles go on the retreat. We have a record number of women joining the House next year, and these clowns want to legislate like it’s 1899. It’s not realistic to expect white men to continue dominating the leadership of a party composed primarily of women and minorities….

Ryan and his “clowns” position is not only “not realistic,” it’s entitled sexism writ large. And if rumors are true about Seth Moulton making deals with what’s left of the bat shit crazy GOP Freedom caucus in order to get rid of Pelosi, it is also a stab in the back betrayal of the first order.

It will no doubt come as a shock to the men doing this crap, but the women who poured into the streets by the millions after Trump was Inaugurated aren’t going to put up with it.  The women who have powered the Resistance aren’t going to put up with it. The over two thousand women who stood up, ran for office and won, are not going to put with it. The countless women who showed up to canvass, phone bank, and manage campaign headquarters are not going to put up with it. The millions of women who just voted are not going to put up with it.

Neither are the good guys.

And don’t even think about bringing up what someone did or did not say about Pelosi when they were running for office.  If they can’t explain to their constituents how Nancy’s steady, focused, efforts are a good part of why their kid can stay on their health insurance until he turns 26. then the problem is them, not Nancy. Katie Hill doesn’t have a problem explaining reality to her constituents.

And do not bring up the white bread guys’ token woman of color, Marcia Fudge. Representative John Lewis will no doubt be explaining to her why he and the rest of the Congressional Black Caucus are supporting Pelosi.

We have just elected over two thousand women to offices across the country. And almost all of them belong to one Party.  Almost all of them owe a good part of their victory to a strategy and the support of Nancy Pelosi.

You’re damn right she’s going to be Speaker of the House.  Ryan, Moulton, et al, can sit down and shut up. They’re done.  We’re going to enjoy supporting the women who run against them in 2020.

Women are not going to allow men to step in and try to take control of what we have worked so hard for.  It’s time those supposedly on our side woke up.

Women are the Blue Wave and we are far from done.


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