If You SIGN Emergency War Powers, Then USE The F*cking Thing!

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You know, for a guy who spent the first half of his life trying to be seen as the ultimate Zeus of the real estate world, and who then spent 13 years as a comic strip character whose tag line was You’re Fired!, and who even today continues to confuse executive orders with imperial fiats, the great Emperor Knucklus Draggus sure seems to have a problem coming to grips with legitimate power and it’s use.

More than three months late, Daddy’s widdle man finally got around to signing an emergency war powers declaration, and he’s not letting anybody forget it. For at least an hour a day, he stands behind a podium bragging about the incredible national juggernaut he has created, and throwing out production numbers that have the same reality driven values as his income tax returns. If all of this pie-in-the-sky bullshit is true, then I have one simple question for Moronicus Maximus. Howcomewhaforwhy are Governors, Mayors, clinics and hospitals still crying like newborns for critical supplies?

And they are. Hourly. The reason can be found in three little words. Supply. And. Demand. God knows that the demand is there, all conveniently filled out in triplicate. But it is the manufacturers and suppliers who still control the shipping. And you show me any company, regardless of how much they’re producing, who doesn’t want top dollar for as much of it as they can sell. Ergo, you end up with states not only bidding against each other, you have them bidding against other countries!

And even manufacturers and suppliers who want to act as honest brokers are running up against a brick wall. And they are putting their problem very cogently and succinctly. It goes something like this; As hard as we’re trying, we simply do not have the skill, training, or statistical knowledge to be able to determine need in order to ship out the products in the most efficient manner possible. It takes the government to do that.

Yep, there ya go, it’s that goddamn gubbmint guy again ma! These companies are being besieged on a daily basis by requests, pleas, and threats, all of them sound desperate and sincere, and these companies have absolutely no idea of how to prioritize those requests to surge their shipments to where they are needed the most. And they are 100% correct, especially under the Emergency War Powers Act, that distribution responsibility beings to the government.

The problem is, that just like everything else in his wasted life, Trump used the War Powers Act half assed. He ordered the ramping up or production, and cross manufacture of critical items, but he left the supply chain up to the producers, and that is flat out wrong! If the government is ordering the production, then the government becomes the customer. The government takes responsibility for shipping the supplies produced on to the end users, in this case states, cities and hospitals. The easiest way to do that is to supply the maker with a list of customers and the amounts they will receive.

It’s not like this is some kind of newfangled contraption that needs to be figured out. Last century we had a little dust up called World War II. The government ordered the ramp up of steel and aluminum to 24 hour shifts. The production of screws, nuts and bolts, and plastic. They ordered car makers to start making jeeps instead, and washing machine companies to start producing parts for tanks, aircraft and ships instead. And it was the government that coordinated the production, and distribution of the supply chain to make sure that everything got where it needed to go.

And they went even farther, too, a level we don’t actually need here yet. They had a pesky little program called rationing. On the first of every month, you received a bunch of cards for things like gasoline, butter, canned milk, and sugar, among other things. When your card was full, you were done for the month. No more trips to grandma’s house, and hopefully work was within walking distance if you ran out of motion lotion.

This is the kind of incredible power that is harnessed in the Emergency War Powers Act. The kind of power that Trump has been crying, begging, dreaming, and praying for his entire life, and now that he has it, he has absolutely no inkling of how to use it!. And sadly, neither do any of the other worthless, sycophantic stooges he’s surrounded himself with. And this simple, sad fact is killing Americans every day, as well as placing front line medical workers themselves at risk.

From what I’ve been able to piece together through public reporting, FEMA, through its long history of having to juggle multiple national crises at one time, seems to be performing the best in the current crisis. They seem to be working at least fairly smoothly with Governors and the Army Corps of Engineers in scouting and approving temporary field hospital sites. This whole supply chain mess should be dumped in their laps. With the information FEMA already has or can receive, and with the wonders of modern technology, it shouldn’t turn out to be an impossible task for them to churn out a daily manifest to each manufacturer or supplier, telling them exactly how much to ship, and where. If necessary, we can always tap Silicon Valley for help with the programming. Fuck it, the next Call of Duty game can be a month or two late.

Sweet Jesus people, we had the imagination and innovation to create the polio vaccine, win World War II, build the first atomic bomb, put a man on the moon, and found the good sense to cancel The Apprentice. Do you honestly mean to tell me that we no longer have the brain power to figure out how to ship some shit from point A to point B in a moderately efficient manner? Maybe if we pretend that the hospitals are Trump golf resorts, and the surgical supplies are golf balls, maybe then we can get this fucking thing done? Whatever it takes, I’m all for it.

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