Dr. Lance Dodes: Trump is a dangerous sociopath — but he’s sane enough to stand trial

Former Harvard professor says Trump has the morality of a serial killer — but that doesn’t render him insane

Chauncey DeVega

Published June 27, 2022 

Republican members of Congress are either woefully ignorant about psychology, personality theory in particular, or they deliberately refuse to apply what they may have learned in an undergraduate psychology course, to Donald Trump. It is also possible, in fact probably likely that a few of them (Mitch McConnell comes to mind) have always known about Trump’s psychopathology but found him to be useful in advancing their agendas.

Eminent mental health professionals like Dodes, clinical psychologist John Gartner who founded the Duty to Warn group which I joined just after he formed it, forensic Yale University psychiatrist Bandy Lee, and not particularly eminent clinical social workers like me posting (here) on Daily Kos, have been warning about the dangers of Trump’s psychopathology since before he became president. We were’t so much preaching to the choir, instead we were informing people who may not have had a background in psychology.

I wrote this a year ago:

“I’ve pretty much stopped writing diaries about Trump’s dangerous psychopathology because I think the task I set out to do by sharing my knowledge of abnormal psychology as a retired psychotherapist applied to Trump with Daily Kos readers is mostly done. If you’re reading this you already know what malignant narcissism is and you know all about the Goldwater rule, for example. If you’ve read some of my diaries about what an acute psychotic episode looks like you know what to watch out for in Trump’s behavior.”

Bandy Lee, who edited “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”, even met with a more than a dozen of Democratic and one Republican members of Congress in December, 2017 to explain why Trump is “going to unravel, and we are seeing the signs.” (From Politico)

I doubt sending this article to Trump supporting Republicans will do much good, but it can’t hurt. Maybe what Dr. Dodes is saying will pry open a few eyes.

The Poll:

Lance Dodes writes:

Donald Trump certainly knows what he’s doing. That’s a different question from whether he has personal insight into his behavior. He doesn’t know that he is a sociopath. He’s too far gone. He has a psychotic core, in that he is fundamentally out of touch with reality when it comes to his view of himself as a godlike figure, as we’ve seen in his many grandiose and delusional statements. But does he know what he’s doing? Of course Donald Trump knows what he’s doing.

What do you think about how many GOP members of Congress know this?

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