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There’s one thing you have to say about Trump supporters. And it was best said by the character “Master” in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, “Him sad. Brain broken!” Cast your mind back, what was one of the most popular reasons that Trump supporters espoused for electing him? :We need a total outsider, somebody with no experience in Washington to get in there and fix things.” Think about that for a moment. That’s like saying, “I need my car mechanic to perform my heart transplant.” And it’s working out just about as well.

The old phrase is, “He dances to the beat of a different drummer.” Screw that, Trump has the entire New York Philharmonic playing for him.Word is floating around that His Lowness is seriously considering forcing a constitutional crisis by firing Robert Mueller to put the Trump-Russia investigation out to pasture. This would be like telling a dude in a biker bar, “Damn, is your old lady ugly!”

First of all, this won’t work, for a variety of reasons. For one thing, Republicans for the most part still hate Russia. When these whispers started up months ago, his own GOP caucus went to the media to warn him in the only format he listens to that this would be a bad idea, Mueller must be allowed to do his job. Second, if he was going to show Mueller the door, the time to have done it was months ago, when the majority of people were indifferent about the investigation. Recent polling now shows that more than 60% of Americans think the investigation is a major deal, including 45% of Republicans. Firing Mueller now would lead to pressure on GOP lawmakers, and they have enough of that already. And third, if Trump fires Mueller today, or tomorrow? The Democrats will announce that they won’t even say hello to extending the government funding until a bill is passed that restores the Special Prosecutor law, and reappoints Robert Mueller to pick up where he left off. And they’ll get it done.

Because, no matter which way it goes, Trump is about to become about as important to the GOP as a ham sandwich at a bar mitzvah. Here’s how it goes. If the GOP manages to ram this tax bill through congress and get it to Trump’s desk to sign, he becomes a hood ornament afterwards. Trump has absolutely no influence on congress, his word is shit. If Ryan and McConnell get taxes through, they did it, despite Trump’s worst efforts. McConnell and Ryan will be calling the shots from here on out. Sweet Jesus, Trump has been blathering about revisiting healthcare once taxes get passed. Yeah, like that’s the banner the Republicans want to run under next year, “Vote for me, I promise to kill you through government neglect.” They already died on that hill, and have no wish to slog up it again.

And, it they don’t get taxes done, which is still possible with the difficulty of getting a compromise bill that will pass both chambers unchanged, Trump has to go. If they don’t pass taxes, thanks to Trump, they will be running next year without a single accomplishment to tout to voters, and most likely their deep pocket donors will be sitting out the election in disgust. Every Democratic candidate will hang Trump around the GOP’s neck like an anvil on a barbed wire chain, and whether he wins or loses, they will hang Roy Moore around their necks as a symbol of the GOP, and point to Trump’s tacit support as verification.

I’m not saying that they will start impeachment proceedings immediately, I still don’t think that will happen until the GOP gets their asses handed to them next November, but they’ll run from Trump like roaches when the kitchen lights go on. If they get taxes done, their donors will pony up enough to fight off primary challenges, which should dry up because they’re now “Trump men” to Trump supporters. And if taxes fail, they’ll publicly jettison Trump in a desperate attempt to rally their own supporters, the hell with the Trombies.

Like everything else in Trump’s sad, misbegotten life, he’s a day late and a dollar short. The time for firing Mueller is past.. The time for that was when the investigation was still just an ephemeral concept of “collusion”. Then it could be a witch unt. But now, Mueller has indictments and guilty pleas, it’s no longer a concept, criminal acts have been committed and admitted to. The GOP may have been able to blow the investigation off as a “witch hunt” when it was all speculation, but Americans are not very likely to turning a bllind eye to confirmed criminal activity.

So as far as firing Mueller is concerned? “What you have to ask yourself is, do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?!” Go ahead, make Chuck and Nancy’s day. Look how well that whole thing worked with Comey! Dipshit.

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