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As reported in today’s Breaking News, Trump went “there” …

Trump put pressure on Senators — to END the Russia Investigation quickly …

Trump Pressed Top Republicans to End Senate Russia Inquiry


WASHINGTON — President Trump over the summer repeatedly urged senior Senate Republicans, including the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, to end the panel’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, according to a half dozen lawmakers and aides. Mr. Trump’s requests were a highly unusual intervention from a president into a legislative inquiry involving his family and close aides.

Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina, the intelligence committee chairman, said in an interview this week that Mr. Trump told him that he was eager to see an investigation that has overshadowed much of the first year of his presidency come to an end.


In addition, according to lawmakers and aides, Mr. Trump told Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, and Senator Roy Blunt, Republican of Missouri and a member of the intelligence committee, to end the investigation swiftly.


“It is pressure that should never be brought to bear by an official when the legislative branch is in the process of an investigation,” Ms. Feinstein said.

and from

Report: Trump pressured Republican lawmakers to end Russia probe


Trump’s complaints about the Senate investigation came as late as August, according to the Times report, after Comey’s firing in June.

The White House denied any attempt by Trump to influence the outcome of the Senate investigation, saying the president believes “there is no evidence of collusion and these investigations must come to a fair and appropriate completion.’’

Trump’s efforts to Obstruct influence a separate branch of Government, investigating him — was all out of an abundance of Guilt Innocence, and the hope of getting the Government back to doing the “business of the American People.”

Yeah, right. And the GOP Tax Scam, takes away money from the Rich and gives it to the Poor, too.  Not really.

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