If The Saudis Hacked Jeff Bezos Phone, Trump DOJ Must Investigate. This Could Be Something


Do you like to play “Connect the Dots?” How about these, for openers? Amazon, Trump, Kushner, MBS, AMI. They all connect.

Bezos owns the so-called “Amazon Washington Post” which Trump hates. The Saudis also hate the Washington Post, for breaking the Khashoggi murder story. Kushner, of course, loves the Saudis and his buddy Mohammad bin Salman, just like Big Daddy Trump loves Vladimir Putin. The Trump family simply loves despots and gangsters, makes them feel part of a really special clique, apparently. Trump used to love AMI/National Enquirer, before they got into a tacky states evidence mode. Now Trump doesn’t love them anymore. But when he did love them, and they loved him, AMI put together that glossy magazine about what a hero MBS is, and how the future is bright in Saudi Arabia under his autocratic rule. Bottom line here, the Washington Post prints facts, AMI is a propaganda machine, and therein lies the rub.

It will be interesting to see how William Barr and Mike Pompeo weigh in on this, if at all. This is what happens when Jared Kushner is calling the shots and dictating policy to Big Daddy. Kushner told Trump to fire Comey, the “greatest mistake in modern political history” as Steve Bannon dubbed it. Kushner also told his father-in-law, “Don’t worry, it’ll all blow over,” with respect to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Right. Impeccable political instincts there, on the part of Jared, yep.

Jeff Bezos is not somebody Trump should screw with and that’s going to become apparent if it hasn’t been so before. Bezos not only has the resources to investigate all this, he has the brains and the balls. Trump and Kushner’s IQs and balls added together don’t add up to Jeff Bezos’. Apparently the rest of us know this, but Kushner and Trump don’t. This will be interesting to watch develop.

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