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I’m usually pretty good at ‘detecting patterns’, but this one is a slam-dunk.  What do you notice about that short list of Special/Independent Counsel investigations above?  What do they ALL have in common?

They were ALL Released to the Public, within a few days.  Only one of them had a “limited” redactions.

The Watergate findings were released to the Public too.

The Keating Five/Savings and Loan scandal details were made public, as well.

The 9/11 Commission Report was also released to the Public.

So what gives with the Mueller Report?   Why is Bill Barr hemming and hawing, going over every excuse in the book, for not doing the same expedient thing with the Mueller Report?

The American People used to have the right to know what Major Investigations found out.  SO, what’s so different this time around?

Bill Barr claims that there was no basis for Obstruction — because there was ‘Nothing to Obstruct’.

Is that what Mueller said?  Or is that just Barr’s biased spin on what Mueller said?

The American People have the right to know.

If the Mueller Report “totally exonerates” Trump — as Trump-world has been crowing about — then let us see those Mueller “exoneration” for ourselves.   Then everyone can move on, from this dark chapter in American History, like we have done countless times in the past.

But if the Mueller Report instead says some incriminating things about the Putin-Kim-loving lackey who is directing American Foreign policy — well then the Public has a right — and a Constitutional Duty — to read and react to those things too — Ourselves.   Unfiltered.  Without GOP spin.  Without unequal investigatory-treatment under the Law.

In this country, it used to be a truism:  “No one is Above the Law.”

So why all the Bill Barr foot-dragging, about something that used to be “routine” — a given in an open and transparency-aspiring country?

Be like Joe Friday — and ask for the Facts.  Just the Facts.

“Just the Facts, Ma’am”  used to be our national meme.

Now it’s devolved to “Just the Facts, that Trump fans have decided ‘are fit’ for us all to see.”

Who died, and made them the final arbiters of the Truth?

If Bill Barr gets away with yet another stonewalling Coverup — it will be part of the Constitution “has died” — the part the invests the Congress with being a Co-equal branch of Government.

The Attorney General did not get that same Final Word billing in that document, the last time I checked.

The Constitution of America does not, nor does recent America History, invest in Bill Barr the charge of being the final Decider and Censor-in-Chief — of the Facts.

It will be a very tragic day in America when we acquiesce to his pre-emptive claiming of those roles.

The graphic at the top of the post is from last night’s Maddow Show, occurring approximately at 12:40 mark in the following clip:

Video clip


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