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Melania’s appearance at the State of the Union address was her first public appearance since New Year’s Eve. She arrived separately from Trump and from the get go was clearly nowhere as happy as the Republicans around her who were leaping to their feet more frequently than congregants at a Holy Roller tent revival.  Patti Wood, a psychologist specializing in body language, analyzed Melania’s behavior.

She didn’t appear with him.

The White House can make all the excuses they want about Melania wanting to greet the public while Donald made last minute preparations, but it sent a message, a big one. “Obviously not arriving with Donald sends a huge message,” Wood tells Personal Space. “It would have made him look better and he likes to look good.”

Flat wave. And we don’t mean her hair.

“She had a small smile and little flat wave, she clearly demarcated the distinction who she would be for other people and who she would be for him,” Wood says. “She was present and happy for other people and then completely changed — her whole energy and demeanor and facial expressions when he was speaking. It was striking. She made a clear and conscious choice that she could non-verbally be likable but she is clearly is not happy with him.”

That clap. If you want to call it that.

“If you compare her clapping to everyone around her, her clap is so small the breadth if it is so tiny it communicates profoundly, She does the absolute least she can do and still clap which sends a strong signal when your husband is speaking.”

Her face.

“But the most dramatic thing was her facial expressions which were the darkest I have ever seen them,” Wood says. “At times the facial expressions were angry sad devilish looks could kill glares, the musculature of her face was fierce, these looks were devilish. Incredibly angry.”

But Donald didn’t need Melania to play the doting wife, because he had this guy. 

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  1. I am not sure why you chose the juxtaposition of photos used at the top of the article rather than the actual photo from the State of the Union address. The lead photo was generated by an article questioning whether Melania was using a body double. It clearly identifies a physical difference in the mouth and nose suggesting this is not Melania. The nose in the model with the sun glasses is much more bulbular in shape and larger.


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