If 600 Russian IP address make Inroads into our Election System and the President fails to see it … Does “a problem” really exist?

Well if you’re president Trump, apparently not. It’s probably just some 400 pound man in his mother’s basement, messing around with automated bots, or something …

“No need to be alarmed, folks. Because it’s just Democratic ‘sour grapes’.” …

Or so the would-be hacker-beneficiary would like us to believe:

Official: Russian hackers targeted Dallas voter registration

by The Associated Press, DALLAS; abcnews,com — Jun 15, 2017

A top Texas elections official says Russian hackers attempted to access voter registration rolls in Dallas County before November’s presidential election.

County elections administrator Toni Pippins-Poole says the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in October alerted elections offices about some 600 IP addresses linked to Russian hackers.

She told The Dallas Morning News that Dallas County scanned county servers for those IP addresses — numeric designations that identify a location on the internet — and found 17 matches for hackers who tried to gain access.

Federal authorities have confirmed some of those attempts came from Russian IP addresses.


Russian hackers tried altering US election data. Now what?

by Liz Stark, CNN — Jun 15, 2017


CNN: According to the recent Bloomberg report, Russian hackers tried — but failed — to alter data from the US election in 39 states.


CNN: Given the number of intrusions, how is it that no votes were affected? Or do you not buy that assertion?
Sulmeyer: The key breakdown probably goes something like this:
• [H]ow many systems, networks, and databases were targeted?
• Of that number, how many systems, networks, and databases did the hackers successfully gain access to?
• Of that number, how many did the Russians try to change (delete, modify data, etc.)?
• Of that number, how many were successfully altered by the hackers?
By that logic, there’s a narrowing down from the attempted number of intrusions to changing data. I am also not sure what kind of evidence would be sufficient to prove the negative: that no votes were affected.

Well isn’t that comforting. There apparently is NO easily discernible evidence — that let’s us conclude:

That No Votes were affected — by those attempts to alter Voting data in 39 states, by Russian hackers.” Nothing to see here folks, move along now. Split milk, crocodile tears …

Try not to discuss it. Try not to even acknowledge that it even exists. No matter what you do, dare not raise the alarm, that — “Houston, we got a Problem!”

Just like Donald does, every-time this ‘disquieting’ topic bubbles up, from the swamp …

Trump’s silence on Russian hacking hands Democrats new weapon

by Cory Bennett, politico.com — 06/17/2017


Even as the president lashes out at the series of Russia-related probes besieging his administration, Democrats say Trump has yet to express public concern about the underlying issue with striking implications for America’s democracy — the digital interference campaign that upended last year’s presidential race.

The president missed a self-imposed 90-day deadline for developing a plan to “aggressively combat and stop cyberattacks,” stayed silent after Moscow-linked hackers went after the French election and publicly renewed his own skepticism about the Kremlin’s role in the digital theft of Democratic Party emails during the presidential race. Privately, the president questioned a senior NSA official about the truthfulness of the conclusion from 17 intelligence agencies that Russia had interfered with the election, according to The Wall Street Journal. On Capitol Hill, Trump and his team have declined to support a Republican-backed effort to hit Russia with greater penalties for its digital belligerence.

As the president is known to say, it’s just “Fake News” — promoted by very “bad and conflicted” people … NOT worthy of your time of day:

Bloomberg Reports 39 US States Were Hit By Russian Cyberattacks Before 2016 Election

by PYMNTS, pymnts.com June 16, 2017


Russian cyberattacks hit systems in 39 U.S. states in the months leading up to the 2016 election, insiders told Bloomberg News this week. Previous reports tallied just over half that many. Truth be told, it’s still unknown just how deep the infiltration goes.

Federal agents found digital fingerprints in the form of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses on Illinois computer banks, where the breach was first detected. The state gave the FBI and Department of Homeland Security almost total access to investigate its system after a contractor detected unauthorized data leaving the network last July.

Once Homeland Security had identified the IP addresses, it sent them around to all U.S. states, and 37 found traces of the hackers in their systems, Bloomberg learned. Plus, traces were found in systems run by private contractors managing critical election systems in Florida and California.

Up to 90,000 voter accounts were compromised in Illinois. Hackers had access to data for 15 million people in that state alone, from names and birth dates to driver’s licenses and partial Social Security numbers.


Nothing to see here folks, move along now …

This is what you call … “Fake News”. AKA, Lie, Distract, Make stuff up.

PolitiFact rates Trump’s unsubstantiated claim about no electoral influence


Yet for NO easily discernible reason — this bald-face claim of this Russian Hacking being a “non-story” — remains a taboo topic to this day, that few dare to breach … (no doubt due to its weighty consequences) …

Go figure.

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