Via Josh Marshall at TPM, this from Charles Gaba:

U.S. #COVID19 Vaccination Levels By County OVER TIME

Wed, 08/11/2021 – 7:08pm

As regular readers know, I’ve become a bit obsessive over tracking COVID-19 vaccination rates at both the state and county levels over the past month or so. I post the daily rate levels daily on Twitter, and once a week I’ve been updating the county-level vaxx rates here at ACA Signups.

I’ve long maintained that the single biggest factor determining how a given state or county’s rate of their residents getting vaccinated isn’t about household income, whether they live in a rural or urban area, the population density or their education level, though these are all certainly factors. It’s not even race or ethnicity, though there’s certainly significant racial inequalities which play into it.

No, the single biggest factor appears to be partisanship…and more specifically, whether or not someone voted for Donald Trump for President in 2020.

This has been bourne out by numerous national surveys and polls by respected outlets, and of course both my state- and county-level scatter plot graphs have supported this conclusion as well.

mega-emphasis added

Read the whole thing. If you are into charts and graphs, the conclusion is pretty hard to miss.

And if you think that is bad, Charlie Pierce has a video from Tennessee to watch that is chilling. 


They want it to be peaceful, but then this happens:


That’s Tennessee. Meanwhile in Florida…


At this point, I am ready to let them have their ‘freedom’ to die, but damned if I want to let them take the rest of us with them.

These are the same people, putting their own children at risk, who were going ape-shit bonkers over the conspiracy theory that there is a ring of pedophile democrats trafficking children out of a pizza parlor basement. Remember how they were claiming the BLM movement was burning down cities? And they had to storm the Capitol because they believed the election was being stolen?

As Pierce notes: “This is what a country going mad sounds like.”


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Republicans have been playing “Us versus everyone else” for a long time. How’s that working out?

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Republicans have been playing “Us versus everyone else” for a long time. How’s that working out?

4 votes
Treason never prospers, for if it prosper none dare call it treason.
16 votes
Wow – THEY are the ones who really hate America.
67 votes
A really competent death cult would have wiped itself out by now – see Jim Jones or Heaven’s Gate.
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Everything is fine…
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Not good.
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Mass murder, one believer at a time.
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See my comment.
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