In the Covid-19 era there have been times where some stories have conveyed a level of horror that would have been too much for even Wes Craven not to cut from his film.  And I suppose, the driving sentiment of this post, is to convey exactly why it is so important to wear masks in public.  10 year-old Zyrin Foots, of Texas, did not have the choice to take the vaccine.  So he had no ability to do something to protect himself that millions of people are throwing away.

He had no ability to save his own life, or live to see graduation, or a spouse, or a family.  And so his mom was given a choice, one that I can’t imagine.  

Zyrin Foots, a 10-year-old boy from Texas, developed Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome (MIS-C) after contracting COVID-19. A rare condition, MIS-C causes inflammation in children’s organs, including the heart, and the inability of Foots’ heart to pump blood caused him to develop gangrene in his legs.

Foots was admitted to the hospital on Sept. 30, and his body progressively shut down as medical staff tried desperately to get him healthy again, his aunt, Ashley Engmann, said.

Engmann told ABC13 on Wednesday that doctors had given her nephew’s mother two options.  “They gave my sister a choice: to amputate his legs and arms or let him go,” Engmann said at the time. “Without the amputation, he doesn’t have any chance to live. With it, he has a 25% chance.”

His mom chose to let Zyrin go.  This is unimaginable pain.  There is nothing that could be said or offered to assuage this mother of her sadness, and very likely, her guilt.  But I watched something similar happen to my own father-in-law.

Shortly before being pulled off of a vent after hitting Medicare’s 90 day or bust mark, (which is worth its own story) they amputated his leg in an effort to stave off the rapidly spreading sepsis.  It failed.  And it made the end that much more horrifying.

We will all have our opinions on what transpired here.  But let’s not forget-the child likely fell ill  because someone was not being cautious.  Someone was exercising their “freedumbs” to not get vaccinated, or wear a mask, or care about a little boy who never got to see what so many take for granted.

And now a sweet little fella with a big smile and big dreams is gone.

Please wear a mask in public, especially around children.  They depend on us to be smart, so they, can stay alive.


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