I am a lover of comic books in many different forms. I grew up in the era of Dark Horse, Neil Gaiman, Marvel, DC, and everything else. In my college years, I remember going down to the local comic book store and just wanting to read through a great graphic novel. (Hey, don’t knock it.) While they were mostly fantasy and escapism, some had pretty deep thoughts about complex social issues. Even knowing that, I never for a second really thought that anything would happen that would suddenly create, um, superheroes or villains. However, that idea isn’t something high in the mind of some who reject the vaccine and are now behaving like they are B-level supervillain writers.


If you’ve had the vaccine and you suddenly are able to control metal objects—like having metal objects suddenly attach themselves to your forehead or keys leap up into your hand—then you may be on the fast track to either having superpowers or a nervous breakdown.

Ian McKellen was one of the first to receive the vaccine, and in those moments, he had pushback.

How did the fans react?

Fan reactions to a BBC Youtube post on Ian McKellen receiving the vaccine

I wonder what they will do now that they think there’s a chance he might have the superpowers he wielded in the movies. Because that’s what vaccines do now. I guess. 

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