I say Trump’s latest pronouncement on Supreme Court is cray-cray and I was a psychotherapist.

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I’ve exhausted words in both the English dictionary and the psychiatric dictionary to describe Donald Trump’s thinking, what he says, and what he does. I’m reduced to the slang of the younger generation at times and just end up with the term cray-cray that while it can be used in a complementary way (that party was cray-cray) if you apply it to Trump it has a very different and highly negative meaning.




I have little doubt that Trump has an impulse control problem and that while not a formal psychiatric diagnosis rageaholicism (left) he does fit the diagnosis described in this Psychology Today article.

HUFFPOST’s story “Trump Launches New Attack On Supreme Court, Demands Liberal Justices Recuse: The president wants associate justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg to sit out any ‘Trump-related” cases’” doesn’t bother going into depth as to why this presidential pronouncement is cray-cray because it is so obvious. Instead they simply go to Twitter and copy seven choice tweets that were made in response.

You can find your own tweet replies to read or even tweet one yourself here.

Follows are a few of the recent tweets I selected to share but there is a treasure trove of responses.

Some are serious…


… and some are snarky, but still serious though in a different way…

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chris whitley
chris whitley

You got the psycho part right. And tiny hands is probably busy right now rage tweeting with his tiny little fingers.