I Love Sidney Powell!


You know, I have been pretty much unrelenting in my disdain and disgust for the entire plethora of Trump lawyers, from day one, for their lack of morals, ethics, and skills. But every once in a while, if you look hard enough, you can find a diamond in the rough. And I found one.

But in Sidney Powell, I have finally found my diamond in the rough. Sidney Powell has attained a height heretofore unknown to a lawyer, presumably barred, in the United States. Sidney Powell was found to be a lawyer that was actually too batshit crazy to be a Trump lawyer!

Think about it for a moment, what this moment means. Cast your mind back for the last four years, and just think of all of the lawyers that have passed in and out of the Trump orbit like Halley’s comet taking a pass. There has literally been a Viking ship full of lawyers that Trump has brought on, and then discarded like an old pair of Nike’s for not being Trumpian enough. But only Sidney Powell has had the distinction of being fired for being too fucking Trumpy!

But it’s already too late. Because Sidney Powell has already been indelibly identified as a Trump lawyer. First of all, she had a speaking role at Trump ambulance chaser Rudy Giuliani’s Clairol fest news conference on Thursday. Wherein she spat out nothing much more obnoxious than The Ghoul Man did. And then, she managed to worm her way onto different talking head blabfests over the weekend, where she continued to spew out senseless nonsense. Until the Trump legal team finally blew a 4 foot hole in her lifeboat. She was out.

But that isn’t what made Sidney Powell my new bedroom wall poster girl. I could care less what kind of obscene, corrosive shit she says on behalf of Glorious Bleater. What I’m more interested in is the irrevocable damage she did to both Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in the Georgia special election to be held on January 5th. That was the golden ticket for me.

Over the weekend, Powell spouted off some insane bullshit about election software rigged by dictator Hugo Chavez, who has only been dead since 2013, and how it was used in Georgia to tilt the election. But more importantly, she went on to say that she could prove that Loeffler had stolen the election spot on November 3trd from Georgia congressman Doug Collins.

Look. Doug Collins is an uber Trumpian member of congress, who gave up his seat to run for the Senate in November. Collins made a nonstop pain in the ass of himself in the impeachment hearings, toeing the Trump line, and holding long filibuster odes to Trump in the hearings before finally ending with a pointed question in the last 30 seconds. He was one of Trump’s favorite advocates in the hearings, and earned accolades from Trump for his performances. And Sidney Powell sanctified him as a martyr to the cause by claiming that Kelly Loeffler somehow or other stole the run off spot in the general election.

The GOP is already facing an uphill battle in January in somehow managing to turn out their voters in a special election against a highly motivated base. Collins is a golden boy of Trump and his rabid base. The GOP needs to scrape off every last vote they have in Georgia to even have a chance in January. How in the hell does Kelly Loeffler try to get Collins supporters out to vote on January 5th, when Trump’s own lawyer says that Loeffler stole the election from Collins in the first place? And since Trump and the RNC has mandated that Perdue marry himself at the hip to Loeffler in order to nationalize the election, how does he overcome that obstacle?

From day one since the election, by narcissistic necessity, the entire Trump legal strategy has been to somehow or other salvage a Trump victory from the reef crash of their pirate ship. And especially in Georgia, these legal challenges have worked out to the detriment of the two Senate incumbents that the GOP needs to elevate in order to stave off total disaster. And Sidney Powell just gave every single Doug Collins supporter carte blanche to just say fuck it!, and stay home on January 5th. God, I love Sidney Powell!

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Sick of the Con
Sick of the Con
We need to hire her to keep speaking her truth ???? about the Georgian republican party. I am sure if we scrape together a promise to possibly be an Msnbc correspondent, that should be more than Trump and Giuliani are paying her. We can then parlay her crazy to maybe south Carolina, Texas, and Florida. I think if we get some crafty, mind controlling, computer savvy, liberal youth on Parler and Q sites, we can take over Q-Anon and get them as our attack dogs against Cons. The only thing I think these people want is leadership and feeding of… Read more »

But could you come home to that every day