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What a difference an Election makes!

An Election where the other side gets the shellacking.

Chuck Schumer:

“The president repeatedly promised that Mexico would pay for his unnecessary and ineffective border wall… On Tuesday he said he would be ‘proud’ to shut down the government unless U.S. taxpayers pay for it. And now just this morning, the president tweeted that Mexico will pay for the wall through savings from the new NAFTA.”

“Well, Mr. President, if you say Mexico is going to pay for the wall through NAFTA, which it certainly won’t, I guess we don’t have to,” he quipped. “Let’s fund the government.”

If the president really believes what he tweeted this morning that his new NAFTA would pay for the wall, he wouldn’t be threatening to shut down the government unless American taxpayers pay for the wall. He can’t have it both ways.” — Dec 13, 2018

Purely logical. Ingeniously tactical.

Trump doesn’t stand a chance — against Democrats willing to “speak the Truth to Power moronic Liars.”

Looks like the leaderless House is in disarray on this Govt Shutdown topic too. Will they, or won’t they — take steps to prevent the “Trump Shutdown”?

Right now the mixed messages from the GOP, makes next week’s solvency outcome decidedly unclear:

Trump leaves GOP in turmoil with shutdown looming —

— Dec 14, 2018


Is it wrong that I’m happy to see the GOP finally get what’s coming to them — for blindly backing a buffoon, all for the sake of their ‘Tax Cuts for the Rich’?

Tax Cuts by the way, which DID NOT help them to keep the House.


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  1. How do we let an entire organization of traitors (the Republican Party) continue to exist in our government? That useless doddering fool Orrin Hatch just said on TV that he doesn’t care about the rule of law when it comes to Trump. Shouldn’t he be impeached for starters? This is happening right out in the open. First we had Putin’s favorites Rohrbacher and Nunes, then Jordan and Gaetz and Meadows, then ancient puke Grassley and Howdy-doody Gowdy – I guess we got the government we deserve.


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