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I do not include those who are unable to have access to the vaccine, i.e. the poorest countries or valid medical reasons meaning they cannot have them [too young etc]

1- They are providing the breeding ground for further mutations of the virus to a possibly more virulent and dangerous strain that may well affect the youngest.

2-They are a danger to the efficacy of the vaccine itself because it only takes one new mutated strain to kick the deadly chaos off again.

I don’t get it, viruses don’t  give a shit about your politics, nationality or how loudly you shout USA, USA and how hard you wave your little plastic flags.

They wave a middle finger at yer guns.

I swear I’ll slap the next person who says to me that vaccine passports are taking their freedumbs away.

They are a danger to all of us.

I’m trying to have a bare minimum of empathy, but I’m struggling.

As for the out an out anti-vaxers, karma is waiting around the corner and I just hope you don’t take me with you.

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  1. Gods way of weeding out the Bad tRUMPERS, well their all BAD! My son’s one of them…UCK!
    Refuses to get the vaccine, what an Idiot. I told him you get it and and end up in the hospital…Sorry about your luck!! And we live in Florida.. Ya I know God help me!

  2. Looks like Covid could be a GOOD thing! It is performing a great job at eugenics! Maybe it will cull out most of the rotten wood in the forest! 🙂


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