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I am serious about this question.   Every single person that has been brought before the Special Counsel and charged has flipped harder than a pancake.   They sing like carolers on a Christmas tour through town.

The public WILL eventually see that report because all of these canaries will talk with so much chatter as they sit in their cages that Trump built after the Special Counsel closes the case and issues a report.   There will be books written for years to come over what Robert Mueller and his team has found out.  Those canaries are not just going to rot in jail…They are going to tell their side of the story and that is what will prompt the release of the report IMO.  Whitaker?  If he tries to interfere …the truth will still be told.   He himself will end up on the wrong side of the stick.

What do you think the Special Counsel has that has made every single one turn on Trump.   I know about self-preservation but hardcore Generals like Flynn, to bookkeepers and his old, “ I would take a bullet for the President, fixer” talking like crazy.  There much be some really, really bad stuff in there.   This is all speculation of course but there is not a single holdout.    That is one thing I think about a lot. They all want off the hook so badly that it is almost like watching someone being given the last rites or a confessional before they meet their maker.  These people are really afraid of what he has and what he knows.  These are mob people.   What does Mueller and the Justice Dept have to make these people curl up and whimper and bring EVERYTHING to the table?

Are they afraid of the Russians?  The Mafia?  Their lives?  What are they terrified of?  I don’t think it is just jail.

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  1. You know he’s got something big on them because most have quite a few years of prison exposure ahead of them if they are convicted on what he could charge them on. They’ve see the evidence Mueller has. I think they’re afraid of jail, Russians, & losing the $$ received by ill gotten gains via illegal activities, & the thought of their wives & kids being penniless scares them.


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