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It was mentioned several times that Tweeden was a birther, but the reference was usually a transcript from Hannity, not a video. Using the date of the transcript I started searching youtube videos from 6 years ago. She was on the 3-23-11 episode of Hannity. Here is the video.

It opens with Hannity and Michelle Malkin attacking a possible Obama nominee to be the next FBI director after Mueller steps down.

Then it goes to Larry King talking about the passing of Elizabeth Taylor.

Then Great American Panel with Tweeden, Jerry Springer, and congressman Michael Burgess (R-TX).

Tweeden stars speaking at about the 16:20 mark, after Hannity shows a clip from The View where Donald Trump was asking about the birth certificate.

Tweeden pimped the conservative line, of course, and especially pimped for Trump.

At the end:

Hannity: “This is a wall of liberal lies” (something about Libya)

Tweeden: “Right” (as if she understood international diplomacy)

Anyway, I wanted to see the actual video and here it is.

(If anybody had already dug it out and I just missed it, I apologize)

Wow. I had forgotten what an industry Fox had built up of Obama bashing. Virtually every Fox video from that time was bashing him. Terrible employment numbers, double dip recession, Muslim religion, and of course the birth certificate. And the Trump pimping is also very prominent.


Conservatives write books demanding Obama’s birth certificate because he looks different. TV shows echo their demands and wonder if Obama is a Muslim.

May 2009, Obama releases birth certificate.

Conservatives write books demand “long form” birth certificate. TV shows echo their demands and wonder if Obama is a Muslim.

April 2011, Obama releases long form birth certificate.

Conservatives write books demanding “real” birth certificate. TV shows wonder if Obama is a Muslim, and also the birth certificate might be fake.

Here is another clip I came across from the same time period (Feb 2011). The Hannity show had Frank Lutz and a panel of “citizens” on. Lutz asked how many of them thought Obama was a Muslim, 10 of 25 raised their hands. 40% thought Obama was a Muslim.

The amount of pimping for Trump for president in 2011 is also unreal, all based on his birth certificate claim.

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