For the last couple of weeks, I’ve spent idle time puttering around in the polls and sub tabs of the general election. Basically, I put my name on the line trusting the math, and I wanted to know how the polls could have been so far off two cycles in a row. Hell, don’t these guys do an autopsy after a suspicious death?

I found more than I bargained for. For one thing, my faith in the polls, at least the national ones, was restored. I have written repeatedly about how the reputable national polls were not wrong in 2016, they basically nailed the national result with a half a point. The same is true here. Most national polls in the last week had Biden up by 8-9 points, which nobody believed. But when the last votes are counted, Biden is going to win by more than 5 points. And when you consider that most reputable polls have a margin of error of +/- 3.5 points, the polls were within the margin of error. But in rooting around like a pig looking for truffles, I discovered something that made the vast discrepancy in state polling, especially Senate races perfectly clear. It also terrified and pissed me off to the max. Unlike in 2016, in 2020 there actually was secret army of Trump supporters out there. And they’re such craven chickenshits that they don’t want anybody, not even an anonymous pollster to know.

Let me explain. There was no Trump secret army in 2016. There were plenty of Trump supporters, to be sure, and all of them were more than happy to tell you that they supported him and why. Especially disgruntled Obama Democrats, soft Republicans, pissed off independents, and mobs who had lost interest in politics in general. Even with all of that, they were barely enough to squeak Trump across the finish line in the electoral college.

And on a generous day, you could excuse them if you wished. After all, Trump was almost a cult figure, a larger than life persona created solely by the media. A universally known reality show star, who literally reeked toughness, success, and ability. And most importantly of all, Trump had no public list of political accomplishments. It was easy to see him as the outsider who could blow up Washington, and get things done.

Look at the numbers. In 2020, Trump hauled in somewhere in the vicinity of 6 million more votes than he garnered in 2016. And not a single, man-jackin’ one of these assholes can hide behind the platitudes that we left the deluded souls of 2016 off with. They didn’t vote for him in 2016! How is this possible?

I can’t stress this enough, they didn’t vote for Trump in 2016! Which means that they wrote his sick, sorry ass off, just like everybody else did. They didn’t buy his persona bullshit, they saw through his moronic bloviating, and they weren’t interested in joining his Mickey Louse Club. They either sat out, or they voted for somebody else.

But they voted for him in 2020. What happened in those 4 years? Trump banned Muslims from the United States. He separated toddlers from their parents on the southern border, and threw them in cages for good measure while he threw their parents back across the border. He called Klan members and neo Nazi’s very fine people after the riots in Charlottesville. And he tacitly ordained police brutality of violence against unarmed black people by declaring himself strictly on the side of law and order, and refusing to say the names of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Jacob Blake.

That’s what happened in four years. Trump put his money where his mouth was. He showed he had the convictions to follow through on his racism, sexism, and bigotry. And 6 million previously hidden, sick, twisted, racist assholes crawled out from under their rocks, and rushed to the polls to scream to the world, This is the guy for me! Dude really knows how to get the important shit done! But don’t expect them to step up in public and admit it, not even socially. They’re too fucking chicken to imitate Glorious Bleater and put their money where their votes are. They’re pathetic.

Go take a little ride in the car, and just look at the people on the street. Or go stand in the atrium at the mall and turn around. Sprinkled in those crowds are more than 6 million cold, uncaring, virulent racists, and we didn’t even know that they were there. But we do now, cuz the all showed up on November 3rd to let us know they’re out there. I wish Joe Biden all the luck in the world about trying to reunite this fucked up mess.

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  1. Not Joe Biden job to change sociopaths. We never look at Cons to unite the country. Why do dems have to do the heavy lifting of saving the democracy, the economy, and unite the people. After they do so, people feel complacent and vote their hate and serve up major victories for Republicans. Half of America (probably humanity too) are crabs in a barrel. Call them as they are and maybe we can move forward.

    • Biden can try to unite us, and I hope he will. I do agree that most firmly on the Trump Team are past change no matter what anyone tries to do. Those who have some humanity left have to stand up and not let our country become dominated by the evil of those who would subvert it. Good can triumph, but you have to work for it and not stand by when wrong rears it’s ugly head. Trump is enabled by many in power still. It’s shocking and appalling!

  2. African Americans figured that out 200 years ago, and it doesn’t get any better these days. The racist have to die off, to change the consciousness of the world, before moving upward. Good news is, it will happen, there is no going backwards.

  3. Yes there’s a lot of wackos out there, it’s up to us not to vote one in. The dicktator is all about fiction, what do you expect. You people who support him are throwing your money away into his pockets. Total foolishness!

  4. Prez donald twump wackjob is at it again. Everyone says he’s strong, I say without his corrupt politicians and lawyers, he’s a nobody!

  5. I’d like to think that these 6 mil just want whomever will make his financial portfolio grow. But nope that’s not the whole of it. These 6 mil chickenshits will smile to your face, hug you, even tell you, “I love you.” But they cling to white power, white privilege, entitlement and they aren’t about to give it up, so they vote for Trump. As educated as some of these guys are, they are not intelligent enough to see the ruse, that Trump only cares about Trump.

    Because of this it is imperative that Trump and all who abetted must be prosecuted and punished or our Democratic Republic will die.


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