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I am an organic gardener. I believe in using natural resources to help the environment. I have seen it for twenty years. We were destroying our planet. You can’t keep taking and taking and not give anything back. All you need to do is watch the weather. People don’t realize that we are just plain ruining our world. You have the big farmers pumping their herbicides and their toxic fertilizer. It is killing the animals. Just look at the flowers. There used to be hundreds of bees checking out the flowers. Now you only have a few. Some of us older people might remember the commercial with the indigenous person looking at the trash and crying. They knew a long time ago.

There are ways to grow your crops without all the nasty poisonous chemicals. If you know how you can mix very powerful herbicides from the plants you grow. The problem is that big business stifles the information on this. I don’t remember which is which but there’s a big fertilizer corporation that’s owned by a drug company. So here they run up the costs of our prescriptions and then use the money to invest in our food chain.

Anybody see a problem? I have tried for years to fight this. A long time ago in a different world, I was fairly healthy and I raised some very breathtaking crops. People were amazed.

Then I got hurt. And that leads the way to another failure in our country. This healthcare system has sucked for years. That’s why President Obama came up with a healthcare system. There were two problems here: One, big business didn’t want this as it showed how badly the insurance was screwing the individual. The second was that President Obama was black. There you have two problems that showed what the republicans were all about. They don’t care about poor people dying. And they care even less about what happens to black people.

These are my own thoughts that I have learned from years of observation. I am glad that we did have President Obama because it brought these problems to light. There are times when you might think that this all means nothing and we will never change. But from an old-timer, I have watched the world and although it sucked to live through it we are beginning to change.

I believe the people that say that this is the most important election in our lifetime.

We have seen big business take our world and squeeze it for all it’s worth. But they messed up. And it all has to do with the Americans electing a clown for president in 2016. I saw the idiot going through the primaries and I was sure he would drop out. The whole thing was a stunt to give him more prestige for his brand. Trump didn’t want to actually get elected. He just wanted to put on a show. If you were to go back and look at the news articles you would see this.

But the Republicans were so sick of their own candidates that they jumped at the chance for a change. Dumbest thing I have ever seen. Put someone in charge of our country that’s gone bankrupt 6 times. And how the hell do you lose money running casinos? It’s built-in that the house wins!!

But enough about this clown.

Now we have a potential President who’s willing to work with people on new ideas. We have what’s called the green new deal. If we elect Joe Biden to be our next president he will work to bring about change.

Now, personally, I like the way he thinks. He knows you can’t change everything overnight. It just ain’t going to happen no matter how many of these progressives hold their breath and jump up and down. I knew this from the start. Hell, Bernie has tried twice to sell that one and it’s just not for sale anymore.

We need people like me – only not old and beaten down to show the world that you can have prosperity without killing everyone in the process! That’s why I believe that the Democrats have finally got their chance. Many of the people that have been diehard Republicans are tired of the lies and of the hate. They have learned that the Democrats were right about a lot of things. They see that what they have has been paid for by the suffering of their fellow citizens that just don’t have as much as they do. And to me, the one good thing about the pandemic, is that it has opened more eyes to the truth of Republicans in government. They ARE corrupt. The only thing was they used to be able to cover it up.

But you have Trump in there now and his big mouth has to tell everyone what’s going on. Now there’s an old saying that if you give a man enough rope he will hang himself. And while the United States is suffering through a pandemic and people are dying every day from it and they have no money for food and to pay their rent. You have Mitch McConnell proudly pushing his Supreme Court nominee through congress and laughing about Americans that are dying without proper medical care and being evicted from their homes with what they can carry and with little kids have no money for food. Remember this. Mitch McConnell thinks this is hilarious.

Now, myself, I want to stand next to that indigenous person that I brought up in the old commercial. The one that was crying as he looked at all the trash and destruction. I want to stand next to him and tell him it will be all right. We have a plan to fix it. That my friends, is my dream for America. That is my New Deal. Please help my dream come true.

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