El Pendejo Presidente is so funny when he’s desperate! And you can always judge the degree of desperation by just how over the top he goes with his hyperbole, and how far afield he ranges with it. That being said, only a total and complete imbecile could sit in the Rose Garden and proudly proclaim that George Floyd is actually happy that he was choked out by a troglodyte in a uniform, so that he could enjoy the protests in his honor, and revel in the jobs report. There’s a special room in hell for this kind of blatant stupid. And it’s right between the elevator and the noisy ice machine.

No doubt about it, the Republicans are doing a victory lap over the May jobs report. But if you look at then closely, you’ll notice that they’re doing it the way most guys head up the stairs to the gallows, Pissing in their pants with a brave smile on their faces. Every economist qualified enough to not work in the Trump White House is already warning that one report does not a recovery make, and there are already rumblings that the unemployment number will be adjusted due to faulty calculating. *Spoiler Alert* It’s going up. And the number is fudged anyway, since any small business using the PPP program is paying their employees even though the place hasn’t reopened. Basically they’re unemployed, just not counted. My explanation is the old Wall Street phrase, Even a dead cat will bounce once if you drop it from high enough.

But it’s still fun to watch these 98 lb weakling gorillas pound their chests about how strong they are, and how they saved the world. To listen to Trump tell it, he, failed CNBC hack Larry Kudlow, and The Munchkin Man wrought an economic miracle that will be the subject of legend and song down through the ages. There’s just one small problem with this.

They’re all so full of shit that they slosh when they walk. Cast your mind back to the dark early days of the meltdown of the economy, as the coronavirus took a serious stranglehold. What was Traitor Tot’s master plan? Order everything kept open until all of the workers died from the virus. And Moscow Mitch’s genius contribution? Have Munchkin fire up the printing presses to keep large corporations awash in ready cash. In other words, same old GOP bullshit. You know, there’s a reason why they call it trickle down economics. Because that’s what happens when you don’t shake well enough when you’re through.

In fact, everything in the economic miracle that Trump is currently touting was a Democratic idea! It was Pelosi and the Democrats who used the veto power of the House to force Yertl the turtle to double the size of the stimulus package, in order to make sure that small businesses at least got a fighting chance. You know, the fucking PPP that His Lowness is bragging about right now? It was the Democrats who fought tooth and nail to extend unemployment benefits, in preparation for the long haul, and provided the bounceback fund that ensured that workers on unemployment received full paychecks instead of the standard 60-70%. And it was the Democrats who pushed for a version of Andrew Yang’s Universal Income plan that got those $1200 checks into everybody’s hot little mitts. Mitt Romney just started touting it later when he found out that everybody at home thought it was cool. And McConnell and the Senate GOP slugs fought then every step of the way on it.

And this is why, as I sit here and watch all of the Trumpkins submit their names for fast track canonization to sainthood, I can only roll my eyes and laugh. They’re trying to take all of the credit for everything that the Democrats proposed and fought for, and hoping that nobody will notice or remember. But Pelosi and the Democrats did a bang up job of drawing and publicizing the battle lines at the time, and you can bet your ass that they’ll remind everybody when campaign time rolls around. I swear, there are days that covering Trump and the rest of these idjits is more fun that the original barrel that all of these monkeys came in!

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