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I would like to start with Hunter Biden and his addiction. It never ends. When someone has had a problem with drugs it always becomes this evil sick monster story. Oh, because he does drugs he belongs to crazy cults. That is simply not true. Sure, when you have an addiction the drugs control your life. That it is until you decide you have had enough.

I have had my rounds with cocaine and various other sundry chemicals. And I have learned the lesson that you cannot escape that world until you commit to escaping it. I had to get down on my knees and asked the good lord to help me. And let me tell you that’s an ordeal all it’s own. Now you might ask why I am talking about myself? Well, first, these people in their asshole way are trying to say bad things about good people. And I don’t mean the trumps or the Bidens. Or anyone else involved. I mean the people in recovery. These people are, most of the time, very fragile, and it only takes one drink to set me off. The other reason is that I myself am something of a narcissistic personality and I do like to talk about myself. I just wish my old sponsor was still alive. But he left this world a few years ago. I speak of these things because once you sober up and realize there’s something besides drugs and alcohol you start to check out the people around you. I can see a clown coming a mile away. There’s a lot of people out there that want to have what I have. They just don’t want to work for it.

I have been on this journey for some 26 years, one day at a time. And I can tell that Hunter is working on his place in life. He’s got a little ways to go. But I’ve got faith in him. I think he can do it. Now a quick side note here. You have the Trump boys and you have the Biden boys. Would have liked to have seen more of Beau Biden. But that was not meant to be. And I have seen Hunter Biden and the way he’s been treated is totally unfair. But you know when you get down to it, when you look at what you did to the people around you, the little things that the media can do to you soon becomes negligible. And after a while, you know when you see someone like Don Jr. or Eric try to trash someone, it becomes apparent that you are really above their nonsense. And one quick note here. I am not supposed to say anything but Don jr. really needs to get his shit under control. I have been there and I know he ain’t getting high on life.

Now, we come to a little reckoning. It has come to my understanding that there’s a laptop that was dropped off at some repair shop somewhere close to where Joe Biden lives. Now I don’t know where Hunter lives, nor do I care. But it seems that according to this dubious store owner there were three laptops brought into the store but they only left one. And, of course, this one laptop had some sticker of Beau Bidens on it. And supposedly these laptops were all wet. And whoever had the laptops originally took the other two with them. Now I’m pretty sure that a wet laptop hard drive would be compromised. And for you Republicans, that means it wouldn’t work right, if at all.

When I look back on this, my first reaction is that at the time Hunter had already got sober and was working on his recovery. This is evident because at that time he was in a paternity suit with and ex-girlfriend. We know he was sober because he was going to court over the paternity suit and it just doesn’t look good to show up in court high. Believe me, it just is not a good look!

Now, if Hunter cared enough about a computer at this time to take it to a repair shop, he would have gone and got it back at some point. That’s where you can see the little gears in that little leprechaun Rudy Giuliani’s brain trying to work. But hey, for the sake of argument we will say that in a fit of something, Hunter never went back for the laptop. Now here’s where I have another problem. The story claims that the store owner gave the laptop to the FBI. Now the FBI is kinda funny about things like this. When they get a piece of evidence like this, they tend to keep it.

But here’s another kink in this tale. Supposedly Rudy has the hard drive from that computer. Now I’m wondering how Rudy got this hard drive. But, hey, I get ahead of myself.  It’s my understanding that the FBI is really called the Federal Bureau of Investigation if you don’t use the cool initials. Now, accordingly, they have investigated this and did not find credible information from the laptop. Now either the hard drive was damaged or the information on it was bogus. But the fact that they still have it means they are gonna use the stuff somewhere.

Now we come to another quandary. Rudy says he has the hard drive. And he’s been going around trying to get some news agency to take it. He finally got the New York Post. Now, not being from New York I’m not sure but I think that the post is one of those papers that you see at the grocery checkout. Now from what Rudy has said is that up until he turned the hard drive over to the Post he slept with the hard drive under his pillow. I sure hope it was a pillow from the pillow guy! For his service Rudy deserves the best.

But here’s yet another quandary! Steve Bannon has said he has the hard drive! Now for the life of me I can’t see how the one hard drive could be in three places at once. It must be true, Rudy really is a leprechaun and he’s shagging Steve Bannon on the side. Or is that on the down-low.

I just don’t get it. We are just supposed to believe that Hunter Biden just left his laptop at a repair shop over a year ago and the shop owner, a registered Republican, just happened to turn this over to Rudy and the FBI and it has emails that were copied and then put on the computer.

You know I grew up on a farm.  And so I know where to get me a big load of good ole smelly bullshit around here! And it looks like Rudy and the Trumpers are shoveling truckloads up there in the Capital!

Somehow I find this whole story a little like someone was getting high…And it clearly wasn’t a Biden.



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  1. Most people are addicted to something or other.; talking too much, chocolate, eating, etc., because we feel there is something lacking in our lives and we try to fill that void. Some of us end up in substance abuse. I am one of those people and I finally ended up getting the help I needed to get my life on track to having a useful and purpose-filled life. I have been on this track for more than 45 years and I am damned proud of it. It took hard work and good doses of humility to listen to others who have experience in getting their lives straightened out and I am proud of them, as well.
    Hunter Biden is no less or more a human being who has experienced life the hard way. Because he is Joe Biden’s son, he is being pointed at as if he is some kind of unique sub-human. Guess what? If he is, then so are you. You have your gremlins to deal with just like the rest of us. And what we do is deal with it one day at a time, keeping close to others who are dealing with it one day at a time. We are there for each other, and if you reach out a hand, we are there for you, too.
    We don’t get high; we keep both feet on the ground, our laptops where they should be and don’t mess with each other. Keep it simple and honest.

    • 50 years, here. “Half measures availed us nothing.” Work it is, but in time, it’s a, “Where have I been all my life?” One thing we know for sure, and that is that not one of us can stay clean/sober and be a BS artist. Can’t be done. Sociopaths/psychopaths, don’t go to “program.” Being clean/sober is all about living within our own skin. If H.B. were conning ANYONE, LYING AT ALL, he couldn’t possibly live in his own skin. His carriage, clarity, ease about himself and life is all anyone needs to see. I still can’t read the last line by Dr. Silkworth without crying – gratitude tears: “…though perhaps (s)he came to scoff, (s)he may remain to pray'”


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