You may not be familiar with, but they’ve been on the front lines of the cyber war against hacking of our voting machines. Today they are breaking a major story on yet another close tie between Trump and Russia. It’s beyond belief that our intelligence community — the NSA and the CIA — are unaware of this. Which would certainly explain why those folks have been convinced of the Trump-Russia connection from the start of the 2016 campaign, if not earlier.

Here’s the thread from Mike Farb:

Well, I suppose this could be a big nothingburger. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

UPDATE: I’m promoting one of my own comments to the diary, because it may be pertinent.

 I’m a software engineer, and you don’t create a subdomain without a good reason. One thing you can do is to use it as a blind drop that bypasses normal internet mail protocols. For example, you could set up a directory on the secret server and dump a file there (via ftp) for another party to find and read. This totally bypasses all email addresses and conventions such as POP3 or IMAP. You wouldn’t know there was communication going on unless you hacked the username/password combo of one of the server’s superusers.

And let me add that if the server is physically located next to you, you don’t even need ftp to dump data there: you just create the file on the drive itself, or plug in a thumb drive, and boom, there it is, ready to be picked up and read by the intended party. Which is why having a server in Russia looks very, very suspicious.


And of course I should have realized this before.

When you want to set up a botnet, in order to flood Facebook or Twitter or any other social media with a bunch of comments or links to Fake News, you need thousands of accounts, and each one of those accounts will need to be hosted on server. And if you want all those thousands of bot accounts to flood the zone at the same time, you need a lot of servers. Hmmmm …

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