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It will be interesting to see what Saturday Night Live does with today’s White House press conference, although this is so ridiculous it may be beyond parody. Today press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders actually asked the ladies and gentlemen of the press corps to preface a question with mentioning something that they were grateful for — a marvelous notion if you were teaching pre-school in Paw Paw, Michigan, but it didn’t quite fly with this crowd, and their reactions were hilarious:

Huckabee Sanders’ first press conference was memorable for her reading of a fan letter to Donald Trump from a nine year old boy known as “Pickle.” Little was it known at that time that Huckabee Sanders was expressing her level of intellectual development and the height of journalistic expression which she was able to comprehend. Here’s a tweet of the letter if you missed it.

Huckabee Sanders truly would be more comfortable with a room of children than a room of reporters. Newsweek:

Some reporters, like CNN’s Sara Murray, ignored Sanders’s request and launched into their questions. But when Zeke Miller, of the Associated Press, opted not to participate, Sanders told him that he broke the “rule” for the day’s presser.

Sanders started the briefing by saying what she was thankful for, before informing reporters they would have to do the same. “This is how it’s going to work today,” she said.

At tomorrow’s press conference, the good reporters will be able to go out and play hopscotch and the bad reporters will have to stay indoors and clap erasers. And Jim Acosta won’t get to do either, he has to sit in the corner.

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