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OK, if I’m typing here, and you’re reading here, then I think it’s pretty fair to say that we all pretty well know our communal feelings about the Tiny Thumbs Diktator. However, not matter how much better off the country would be if we were, unfortunately we’re not the only people in the country. So, how do all of the other people in the country think that Mein Furor is doing? I’m so glad you asked, because a couple of polls came out this week which can help to answer that question for us.

A poll out earlier this week showed that only 30% approved of Hair Twitler’s job performance, while 63% basically threw rotten eggs and heads of cabbage at him. In the other poll, conducted by a different group, 59% of respondents felt it certain or highly likely that Trump officials had had improper dealings with Russia, while only 40% said no, or highly unlikely. Let’s look at them one at a time.

The fact that 59% of Americans now feel that the Trump campaign was involved with a little illegal slap-and-tickle with Russia in the alley in the back seat is significant, considering the fact that a couple of months ago, only about 42% felt the inquiry was serious or relevant. 17 points in a couple of months is impressive, it just goes to show what a couple of indictments and guilty pleas will do to get your attention. But I’m more interested in another comparison. 32% of the people in the country feel that Trump is doing a good job. One would think that is what is referred to as Trump’s loyal “base.” These are the kinds of people who think that bidding fair to start World War III, and bankrupting the treasury on taxpayer piad airfare junkets for himself and his cabinet members is just a peachy way to run a railroad. But only 30% of respondents think Trump is blameless in the matter of illegal activity with Russia. Think about that for a second. It means that as far as collusion with Russia is concerned, even with a base that believes that His Lowness is the Second Coming, 3% of them can no longer swallow the “fake news” line of bullshit.

Now, let’s look at popularity. On election day, Der Gropinfuror won 44% of the popular vote. Currently, 63% of Americans disapprove of the job he’s doing, that’s well above the 56% that voted against him on election day. So, not only isn’t anybody who voted against him on election day getting a late case of the warm-n-fuzzies, but in less than a year, he’s burned through 8% of the people who took his campaign advice and said, “Screw it, what the hell do we have to lose?” The 32% that are sticking with him are people who, watching clothes spin around in the dryer through the window in the door, think they’re seeing a world event 4 part mini series on PBS. The only thing that could turn them away from him would be him cutting their government benefits, so stay tuned, cuz that’s next on Paul Ryan’s to-do-list once he finishes buying off his donors.

Trump has actually been pretty transparent about it, his agenda in regards to his popularity has basically been “Screw you, you didn’t vote for me, I’m just gonna keep the base happy.” This is a problem for the GOP, since 44% almost certainly isn’t enough to win a House or Senate seat next November, and when you have everybody in the country who thinks that being a Republican stands for more than bigotry, incompetence, and corruption taking the 5:12 outta Dodge, 32% ain’t even worth putting your name on the ballot for. The question GOP incumbents will be askingthemselves is at what point does being associated with Trump worse than pissing off his loyal base? Especially when he’s all in on getting an alleged pedophile elected to the Senate, that kid of thing tends to stick in the memory for a while.

Trump and the GOP’s biggest problem is the composition of his.their actual “base.” Their base tends to be older, less affluent, scared white Americans, oodles of them being evangelicals. But the hell with Russia, the mortality rate is eating away at his core of support. Trump and FOX News didn’t build their brand with an eye towards long term growth, they catered to an audience whose feelings and opinions were already baked in. But their appeal is specific to the likes and prejudices of that specific group, it’s toxic to everybody else. This is not true only for Trump. FOX’s viewership is on a steady decline. As their older viewers shuffle off to Buffalo, there is no young blood coming in to replace them. This is why there are rumors of an impending programming shakeup at the network, to try to make it more palatable with younger viewers. And Trump is already polling worse with the young, non college educated white voters that gave him such a boost in 2016.

So take heart, if my conclusions and interpretations are correct, there are sunny days on the horizon. The bad news is, the forecast for the rest of this week is cold and rainy. Chin up little campers.

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