Howard Fineman has not always been perfect, and I tend to apply a bit of salt to his pronouncements, and I don’t want to wade into a warm bath of irrational exuberance at this early stage of dragging down Mousseolini’s Statue….but…

 “The director of the FBI, with the director of the National Security Agency agreeing at his side, in effect called the president of the United States a liar ― and, oh, by the way, the president’s 2016 campaign indeed is under investigation for allegedly having secretly teamed up with Russia to win the election.

After two months of Donald J. Trump’s presidency and more than a year of his campaign, our political senses are so dulled by tumult that we can barely recognize history when we see it. Make no mistake. Monday’s hearing was all but unprecedented.


Fineman goes on to express the opinion that the Intel Community is too invested in the belief that Russia is our chief adversary to put up with Trump’s coziness to it. That the same hate Wikileaks with a passion and want to bring it down. That they will roll Flynn and Manafort and that Comey speaks out with Session’s approval.

Jefferson Beauregard may not desire to spend his dotage in lock up.

But here I think is the kicker:

“(The) GOP. Republican leaders hate the Russia story, and they are not eager to push the line that it is a good thing to be in bed with Putin. You haven’t ― and won’t ― see Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) getting in the way of the FBI freight train. They tend to agree that Russia is an enemy.”

It will be interesting watching Fineman and Tweety chew this over tonight.

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