As we reported earlier in the week, things started off badly for those of us who believe Trump should be impeached. But, boy has this week ever bounced back.

On Monday, Rep. Bill Pascrell’s (D-N.J.) resolution to have Trump’s tax returns released was voted down in the House. On Tuesday, Rep. Jerry Nadler’s (D-N.Y.) “resolution of inquiry” to investigate Trump’s business and Russian interest was shutdown by committee. Then, on Tuesday night Trump delivered a speech to Congress that was not widely hated, with many of the mainstream (or as Trump calls them, “fake news”) media praising it as the most presidential they have seen Trump. Republicans were excitedly hoping this was a turning point in Trump’s Presidency.

Trump, who craves adoration, I dare say was feeling good on Wednesday. The media wasn’t attacking him, and he was getting pats on the back for following the script his speech writers set out for him. He sent exactly one tweet that day, and it went like this:

He was feeling so good that he decided to spare us from his next horrific policy move, delaying the introduction of the his revised travel ban.

Then late Wednesday, Trump’s day of glory and reprisal from attacks by the mainstream media came to an abrupt halt. News broke that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied under oath about talking to the Russians during the election campaign.

With calls for Sessions to resign or at least recuse himself from investigations into Russian election meddling, Trump, pulling himself away from his mirror, was asked if Session should recuse himself, to which he said “No”. Hours later, Sessions recused himself.

And now there are revelations that Donald Trump Jr was paid to meet with the Russians during the campaign, and that his son-in-law Jarod Kushner and Mike Flynn met with the Russian Ambassador.

So now Russiagate is back on full throttle and what looked like a bad week for the impeachment movement has done a complete one-eighty turnaround. I hope Trump enjoyed Wednesday. It may go down as the best day of his short Presidency.

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