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Fascist A.F. “Infected ballots”?

Note also that in Florida “absentee ballots from overseas military personnel and civilian volunteers can be accepted until Nov. 16, provided they were postmarked by election day.”

“The president is effectively calling for the disenfranchisement of military service-members … the day after Veteran’s Day.”

The following Greg Sargent tweet thread indicates how far right the US has gone:

2) In retrospect, Trump previewed everything we’re seeing now in the run-up to the 2016 election.

Trump repeatedly declared that the outcome would only be legitimate *if he won.*

This put a new spin on longtime GOP “voter fraud” lies.

From my book: amazon.com/Uncivil-War-De…

3) Today, Trump claimed the vote in Florida has been “infected.”

Trump uses this word constantly, to describe alleged undermining of our country by undocumented immigrants.

As a GOP pollster told me, GOP voters are open to such claims because of race:

GOP lawmakers are now validating Trump’s lies about vote fraud in Florida.
This gross misconduct weakens faith in our system.
But there’s a long history here.
In my book, *Republican* pollster Whit Ayres is very candid about what’s driving this.

View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

4) But this authoritarian style goes far beyond just lying about voter fraud.

We’re seeing it on one front after another right now. It *escalated* as Democrats closed in on winning the House, which means imposing accountability on Trump’s corruption and lawlessness.

5) Let’s run through the pattern.

Trump used the military as a prop to dramatize the central message at the core of the Trump/GOP propaganda campaign in the election’s final days:

6) Trump installed a loyalist to constrain the Mueller investigation. He did this without Senate confirmation, for the obvious purpose of shielding his choice from questions about his intentions towards Mueller.

How many Rs have raised a peep about this?

7) Don’t forget: Trump installed a loyalist to limit Mueller *after* his efforts to get his former AG to protect him, and *after* House GOP harassment directed at Mueller on his behalf, both failed.

He did this knowing Dems were set to take over:

8) In FL, GOP governor ordered law enforcement to investigate Dem vote counters in an election in which *he* is the candidate.

In GA, GOP gov candidate oversaw his own election and engaged in conduct @rickhasen described as among worst he’s ever seen:

9) White House circulated an apparently doctored video designed to create a fake rationale for punishing a reporter for asking Trump tough questions.

*Trump himself* confirmed there may be more to come.

Now Kellyanne claims the vid was merely “sped up”:

 “There is #MondayMotivation rain, it’s not serious, but it’s okay to ???? stay motivated.” French Army trolls Trump.
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