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Digby asks some reasonable post-impeachment questions that are not so much about electability and fear-driven GOTV as it will be minimizing whatever negative messaging will be thrown at the Democratic nominee. The implication especially with the withdrawal of Kamala Harris is that ticket balancing could be looming, with a Biden-Harris among far too many possible permutations.

There is some talk that the Democrats will include the Volume II charges in the Mueller Report in an impeachment article on obstruction of justice, which makes sense. The Mueller team obviously wrote that part of the report as a quasi-impeachment referral and handed it to the House practically tied up in a big red bow. It’s full of testimony given under oath by dozens of Trump associates, flunkeys and administration officials that tells the story of a presidential campaign to defeat and undermine the Russia investigation. These two crimes, the Russian interference and the attempted Ukrainian bribery, are like bookends, with the first informing the second.
Whatever the Democrats decide to do about the specific charges, Trump is going to be impeached. I would think dragging that out and keeping him tied down and off-balance would be the better way to ensure that he doesn’t use his office for personal political gain again. But that ship is rapidly sailing out of the harbor.


….most analysts agree that impeachment will also have the effect of hardening opposition to Trump, making it even more difficult for him to reach beyond his hardcore base.
The only way Trump can change that dynamic is by sullying the opposition so that he is seen as the lesser of two evils by just enough people to win. On some subconscious level, he obviously knew that all along, which explains his desire to project his own corruption onto Joe Biden, his own pathological lying onto Elizabeth Warren and his own craziness onto Bernie Sanders. Trump has no analytical skills but he does possess a feral survival instinct which tells him that his only hope is to turn his opponents into mirror images of himself and then attack them for it.


But in Iowa, where Trump won 31 counties that Barack Obama once carried, the question of electability looms large.

In conversations with two dozen voters across Iowa this week, the President’s name came up again and again as Democrats weigh their choices and search for the candidate they believe is the most electable.

It was always Trump’s intention to play a central role in the Democratic primary. And now, he is. Even among unabashedly proud liberals, Trump is shaping decisions.

What voters are saying

“I identify as a Democratic socialist. Progressive politics speak to me and that’s what I prefer, but I also understand that I am not representative of the whole electorate,” said Maggie Willems, a social studies teacher who has been agonizing over her choice for months. “We need to be sure to select a candidate that can defeat Donald Trump.”

With uncertainty coursing through both the progressive and moderate wings of the party, several voters conceded that they are also looking beyond the caucuses — to the general election in November — to help them choose a nominee.

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  1. I know this guy is the dumbest SOB on this planet. But it would best he allow men to impeach and remove his silly a$$. Because something tells me the Almighty God is going to step in and make him accountable for his evilness. And he really doesn’t want that. Believe me.

  2. What would happen if the Democrats
    , opened Impeachment hearings , and waited until after the election, to see if Trump gets
    re-elected ? And — maybe —, have a Democratic SENATE , to impeach him then ?
    An interesting thought ?

    • No way trump is going anywhere for the next 5 years. He has a fearful uneducated base, republicans who bait fear continuously, and the ultimate hold card – SCOTUS. He’s up in there like a diseased tick. (please cue deus ex machina, somebody please).

    • They won’t ever have a majority or presidency again after the Cons rubber stamp Trump flouting the constitution. Trump, the Cons, Russia, Saudi, and Israel will make sure of that. Live for today, Record that he was impeached in the books to mark his corruption, illegality, and incompetence for prosperity. Cons spent Clinton’s entire presidency trying to impeach him. Their partisanship is one of the major things that divided the country in reality. They were not waiting for an election to rid the office of his philandering. They could Not care less about a duly elected president and the will of the people. Those same people leading that charge are about to exonerate Trump and seize power in perpetuity. Why should the dem congress actually miss an opportunity to make us all proud and lead the country by exhibiting a spine.
      In 2 years when we are teaching kids the bible in russian language and people ask why we are learning russian, at least Dems tried to protect the constitution. When russian guards are occupying blue states, history will know that the Dems were not complicit in giving democracy away.

  3. Well there are a lot of subpoenas out there on trump about his shaky financial dealings. Those might not hit till next year. So trump is not clear no matter what impeachment brings. One way or another he’s going down.

  4. the bottom line is dems have to come together and vote blue no matter who. We cant affords bernie cult yang gang etc to say, if their guy doesnt get the nomination, that they wont vote for the nominee. Last time some bernie voters went so far as to vote FOR trump out of pique. This cannot happen again or we hand the WH back to G-d forbid trump or another of the corrupt complicit GO_P and senate stays in moscowmitchs hands


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