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In a story posted via The Washington Post, and followed up at The Hill, sources within the White House indicate that John Dowd, Trump’s attorney, took over Trump’s twitter feed and posted as Trump sending out a tweet that indicated he may have been involved in obstruction of justice, knowing of Flynn’s criminal acts:

President Trump’s tweet Saturday saying he had fired Michael Flynn as national security adviser because he lied to Vice President Pence and the FBI was reportedly authored by Trump’s personal lawyer, John Dowd.

Two sources familiar with the tweet told The Washington Post Saturday that Dowd, Trump’s chief counsel, had crafted the tweet. The White House has not yet made a statement about the tweet, but its authorship could change the tweet’s pertinence in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Russian election meddling.

The story itself is fishy — the tweet reads like, well, typical Trump. But if this is the story the White House is going with, it presents another, far more serious problem: Who in the White House has the power to impersonate the president? Did Trump personally approve the message or not? If he did, who wrote it doesn’t matter. But if he didn’t … we have a problem. The use of the term “I” is certainly an issue if it was not written or approved by the president.

Unlike prior presidential twitter accounts/etc., which were known to be manned by staff, Trump has used his Twitter feed to conduct U.S. policy, promote his office, and make demands of foreign leaders, raising the stakes significantly on whether or not John Dowd’s assumption of Trump’s feed — potentially without Trump’s knowledge — wouldn’t be a matter of massaging the message, but could be seen as a virtual coup d’etat, wherein an unelected Lawyer was able to take to the internet and pretend to be the leader of the free world.

Because of the stature that Trump’s Twitter feed has taken within the administration, this issue is not a joking matter; if someone else took over Trump’s feed and announced policy changes, treaty changes, or even war, how would the public know whether or not it was Trump or not Trump?

The question must be answered, immediately, to assure the public who exactly is running the White House.


It is, of course, possible Trump’s White House is just lying, and it was the President who admitted to obstruction of justice. Should that be true, I’d suggest those staffers report to America’s Dumbest Criminals for one of the worst plotted cover-ups of all time.

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