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Trump has once again been spouting Putin Talking Points, as recently as his Rose Garden blathering session a few days ago.  Among the nonsense spouted by America’s clueless leader was the claim that Russia went to War with Afghanistan decades ago, ‘because they were being attacked by Afghan Terrorists’.  If was just self-defense.

National Security experts have since been trying to correct this blatant attempt by Trump to “Rewrite History”, using Putin’s very own (false) Talking Points to do so:

As Rachael Maddow recently reported, this is not the first time Trump has been spouting the Putin line:

(Here’s an abbreviated version of that startling Maddow report, that’s only 4 minutes long.)

Rachel documents the other times Trump has been parroting Putin strategic propaganda. For example:

• During Russia-Belarus border Conflict, Putin (and Trump) were clamoring about the risk that Poland was about to invade Belarus.

• Montenegro (a tiny Balkan country) was acting so aggressively that they were about to start WW III.

These things Trump knows about?   When he can’t even explain how a Tariff works  (that it taxes your own people and businesses).

How does Trump know these things?   Strategic Putin objectives and disinformation claims?

And why is “Trump the Chump” repeating them on American TV verbatim, when no one else in the Alt-Right universe has even heard of them?  (This is the new rubic’s puzzle making the rounds the last couple of days.)

As Chris Hayes put it, in the hand-off of the next-day’s Maddow show:

I am now obsessed with the question:

Who put that in the President’s brain?  That is a very important and interesting question.

And important question indeed.  Especially considering that the President is supposed to protect us from “enemies foreign and domestic” — Not be feeding us the frenemy’s propaganda.

— —

Well, here’s a wild guess on who’s been giving Trump these obscure ‘Putin Talking Points’ — for him to repeat dutifully for American consumption.  Now mind you, it’s just a guess.   There could other completely rational explanations for Trump’s sudden grasp of these “fake” foreign affairs claims …

But as Occam’s Razor postulates, “Usually the simplest explanation, tends to be the correct explanation.”

Russian leader Vladimir Putin: President Trump and I ‘regularly talk over the phone’

Tucker Higgins, CNBC — 5 June 2018

Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump talk “regularly,” the Russian president told an Austrian news outlet ahead of his visit to Vienna Tuesday.


“Indeed, Donald Trump and I have, firstly, met more than once at various international venues,” Putin said according to an official transcript available on the Kremlin’s website. “And secondly, we regularly talk over the phone,” he said.


Huh?   FBI, NSA, FISA Courts, Team Mueller … are you getting this?

We have a secret spy who’s infiltrated the White House. And it turns out his initials are VP.

Talk about your “dirty dossier” sources.  They don’t get any more direct than this.

Who needs spies when you got this direct-line instead?

— —

PS.  If these dialogs are innocent and above board, where are the Transcripts of the calls?

Where in the world are the Press Releases?

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  1. He is so damn STUPID, he thinks by using his own personal cell phone to call Vlad, the calls won’t be recorded for posterity, Um? Hello? Earth to Dimwit? Damn what an idiot this man is.

  2. Having Trump as President is like someone bringing a gun to a bar fight! it ruins the fun , and someone might get seriously hurt: every party has apooper – we got Trump!


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