How Fox News covered impeachment testimony: Mocking the witnesses and promoting conspiracies

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Fox News is a propaganda outlet. It deliberately misinforms the American public for the benefit of the Republican Party, regardless of issue. It does this as willful strategy. This has been known, and well-documented, for many years, but the network continues to portray itself as the only true truth-givers among all “news” outlets, utilizing the same isolation-and-repetition schemes used by cults, while legitimate news outlets continue to defend them as colleagues and ignore the striking effects the network’s propagandizers have on our discourse and our government.

CNN media critic Brian Stelter has been one of the few willing to poke at Fox News’ toxic behavior. After the nation witnessed the first public hearings in the House’s Trump impeachment inquiry, Stelter reports that he watched Fox News exclusively that evening. His report back is instructive.

Fox hosts and guests relied heavily on simply insulting the two career diplomats that testified, with a Tucker Carlson guest sneering that they “looked like people who sat by themselves at recess” while another guest told the audience that America does not have a free press because the would-be free press consists of “political activists.” On the Sean Hannity show, guest Mark Levin said the witnesses looked like “two homeless guys.”

As for Sean Hannity, whose own name has repeatedly come up during investigations into Trump campaign and ally corruption, he told the nation Democrats are “corrupt idiots,” are “stupid,” and that Rep. Adam Schiff is a “congenital liar.” Sean Hannity has lied incessantly in his defenses of Trump and other Republicans, like other network hosts making his program a reliable outlet for an unending list of false conspiracy theories peddled by Trump allies, many of whom were integral to the scandals they were attempting to distract from.

On Fox “Business,” the feverishly anti-immigrant and pro-Trump Lou Dobbs hosted lawyers Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing, who used the appearance to declare that “George Soros” was behind the attacks on Trump and that Soros “controls a large part of the foreign service part of the State Department and the activities of FBI agents overseas.”

Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing represent criminal Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, and have been paid around $1 million for their efforts to defend him. Furthermore, diGenova and Toensing may themselves be accomplices in Rudy Giuliani’s attempts to invent Ukrainian dirt against Joe Biden, the corrupt act that has now led to impeachment proceedings against Trump. On Firtash’s behalf, the two Fox guests sought to “dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden last summer” in a scheme to exchange Giuliani’s desired Biden “dirt” for Giuliani’s influence in convincing Trump and Attorney General William Barr to order the Department of Justice to drop criminal charges against their crooked client.

So yes, that’s who we’re hearing from on the Fox networks: Giuliani’s allies and possible co-conspirators.

What we are hearing from the Dear Leader propaganda network, then, are attacks aimed at everything but the substance of Dear Leader’s alleged criminal acts. Witnesses to the extortion scheme are belittled, insulted, declared to be liars, declared to be agents of Dear Leader’s opposition, and declared under the thumb of Semitic powers. Dear Leader’s political detractors are “stupid” and “corrupt”; the nation’s press, all of them aside from Dear Leader’s narrow band of allies, are allegedly enemies of the nation and in secret league with Dear Leader’s foes. All of this from an alleged “news” network; all of it brazenly false, meant only to muddy public opinion on behalf of Dear Leader, Dear Leader’s allies, and Dear Leader’s supplicants.

An aside, we can probably expect that the pattern of Fox News guests being called upon to defend Dear Leader’s involvement in (now) multiple criminal schemes, only to soon afterward be indicted themselves, will continue. When your public declarations of innocence rely heavily on the self-dealing interpretations of those who themselves have inside knowledge of the things they’re defending (Cohen, Manafort, Gates, Donald Trump Jr., Stone, Giuliani, diGenova), you have to presume a good number of them will eventually become unavailable after giving federal investigators the same “spin” that works on the Sean Hannity show.

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I’ve tuned in on occasion and the way they cover anything concerning der gropenfurer is ridiculous,the way they defend him is almost Stalinistic. Someone should shut down that network, their followers are borderline dangerous