How enormous was 2018? Democrats have picked up the most House seats since Watergate

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So far, Democrats have flipped 34 Republican-held House seats in the 2018 midterms. Because the GOP only won two Democratic seats, that means Democrats have netted, at the moment, 32 seats in total. Here’s how huge that number is:

It’s the largest number of seats Democrats have won in a single election since Watergate.

In 1974, following Richard Nixon’s resignation, voters punished Republican corruption with a vengeance, sending 49 new members to join the House Democratic caucus. While Democrats won’t reach quite that height this year, there are still eight uncalled races—all in GOP-held seats—meaning they could net as many as 40 seats. That would make this the fourth-best Democratic year since World War II.

And two years after Watergate, of course, voters rewarded Democrats with the presidency. With an even more astonishingly corrupt Republican sitting in the White House, with any luck, history will repeat itself.

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Alfred Higgins
Alfred Higgins

With any luck history will repeat itself….., and generational amnesia won’t!