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The first part of Trump’s Davos speech was dedicated to talking up his America First agenda. 

It was only after his speech concluded that Trump strayed from his pro-business platitudes and into the brash pronouncements about the media and Democrats that usually pepper his speeches.

Deriding the “nasty, mean, and fake” news media, Trump drew boos and hisses from the crowd of global elites, a break from the otherwise polite reception he received here at the yearly summit for the world’s ultra-wealthy.

Trump was talking about the fake media which elicited the boos so it’s possible it was the media booing him. But he gives this little speech, doing his version of what presumably is “ charming” and he says how the media used to be so good and fair to him when he was a businessman.  But, now that he’s a “politishin” the media is fake. Just think about the preposterousness of his premise how the media changed suddenly now that he’s a politician. 

This is absolutely unthinkable. Or would have been as recently as one year ago. The President of the United States was booed by the world ‘s assembled global elites! Not that this will harm his standing with trumpanzees, as globalism and its elites are enemy number one

If anything remotely similar to this had occurred while Obama was president it would have been the effective end of his presidency. But Trump just plows on 

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