How do you save the country in 2018? End Mitch McConnell’s stranglehold on the Senate

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Unindicted co-conspirator Donald Trump is not on the ballot this November, at least not personally. But the opportunity to restore the nation’s system of checks and balances is. That means flipping the House and Senate to the Democrats. It means, in particular, ending Mitch McConnell’s corrosive control of the Senate.

McConnell’s litany of crimes against the nation are legion, starting with the moment President Barack Obama took the oath of office in January 2009 in the midst of the most serious financial crisis the nation and the world have faced in the Great Depression. What was McConnell’s number one priority? Not saving the economy. It was making Obama a one-term president. In his failed attempt to achieve that, McConnell destroyed the Senate by bending and twisting the rules and norms of the institution to block everything in his power.

He stole countless seats on the judiciary, refusing to consider Obama’s nominees for dozens of vacancies and most egregiously the Supreme Court position that should have gone to Merrick Garland. He didn’t just break the Senate in that blockade, he broke the Supreme Court. Neither of Trump’s appointees, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, have a legitimate claim to their seats, thanks to the larceny of McConnell that put them there. Even while this election is in its final weeks, McConnell is still using his slim majority to jam through nominees, forwarding the vast right-wing conspiracy to stack the courts with ideologues, whether or not they’re qualified, to put his stamp on the courts for generations to come.

It didn’t matter to McConnell who the next Republican president was going to be, he wanted that president to have the courts. Even if that president turned out to be Donald Trump. He was so committed to any Republican being in the White House, he helped a foreign adversary get Trump elected by blocking the Obama administration’s efforts.

Next on his list: ending decades of the most successful programs the nation has ever seen. When McConnell says his next targets are on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, believe him.

There’s one way to stop McConnell, and to hamstring Trump. Take the Senate away from him.


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