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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff / Flickr

The director of the National Background Investigations Bureau testified at a House hearing on Wednesday, and Democrats were interested in the enormous number of “errors and omissions” in Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner’s security clearance questionnaire:

Democrat Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois asked Phalen, “can you recall if there has ever been an applicant having to submit four addenda detailing over 100 errors and omissions being able to maintain their security clearance once those errors and omission have been identified?”

Phalen said he has not seen “the breadth” of all applications “but I have never seen that level of mistakes.”

Never seen that level of mistakes. Hey, we can’t say whether or not other people who made that many mistakes would keep his security clearance because nobody makes that many mistakes.

Did Jared really think he could hide all that stuff, or is he just that incompetent? Well, incompetence is a given: if he was trying to hide it, he didn’t do a very good job, and tried to hide so much stuff that, once discovered, it was going to look almost cartoonish. You screwed up how many times?

Definitely this is the guy to bring peace to the Middle East. Such a deft touch!

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