So I was reading my twitter feed & found this tweet


I clicked the link to this article

HPD: Young sons steer car off I-10 after father shot in head while driving

A 29-year-old father died after being shot in the head while driving on I-10 East Friday night.

His two young boys, ages 8 and 6, were in the SUV when the shooting happened and were able to steer the vehicle off the freeway while their dad was slumped over in the driver’s seat, according to the Houston Police Department.

I’ve read all the info I can click on looking for the mans name to see if there has been a fund raiser started for this family. I have had no success so far. So I thought if I wrote a diary, someone in Houston on daily kos would see this and help find out the info.

That family needs some help. I can chip in a few bucks & I want to find out how. Daily Kos is good at that!

So I hope this works.

This happened Friday Night around 10:40 pm. I found 2 stories from google.

I read every reply on Shannon’s tweet. No Names posted. I went to gofundme & tired to search for something and couldn’t get any where.


second article

Two young boys steered their car to safety after their father was fatally shot while driving

A pair of young brothers had to take control of their SUV and steer themselves to safety when their dad was fatally shot Friday night while driving on a Texas freeway.

Their father, a 29-year-old man, had been driving a Toyota Sequoia on Interstate 10 in Houston with his sons, ages 8 and 6, when he was shot just before 11 p.m., Houston Police Department (HPD) Public Information Officer John Cannon told CNN.

The victim’s sons then steered the SUV off the freeway to a strip mall parking lot where one of the children got out of the car and ran to get help, Cannon said.

There has to be someone on daily kos that can help get this family the help they need



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