Housing secretary confuses a banking term for a brand of cookies, puts full incompetence on display

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Each and every single one of Donald Trump’s presidential Cabinet members is wholly and uniquely unqualified for the roles they’ve been given, but none more so than Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson. His grotesque incompetence was on display again today as he appeared before the House Financial Services committee, where Carson was unable to answer even the most basic of questions about his office, his job, and the services he is supposed to be providing to the American people. For instance, here is Rep. Katie Porter asking him a question about a basic term related to foreclosures, and Carson had no idea what she was talking about. Watch this gobsmacking exchange:

Ben Carson poses with Oreos and a note to Rep. Katie Porter

Carson had no idea what she was talking about. On the other hand, Porter is an expert in such matters. She’s the kind of person who should be running the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Carson followed up with her after the meeting, sending her a package of Oreos. Not sure what is so funny about foreclosing on low-income Americans or incompetence, but Carson felt it was appropriate to further publicize his incompetence.

That wasn’t the only embarrassing moment. Rep. Joyce Beatty asked him a follow-up question from his last appearance, when he was unable to tell her who was leading the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion. Not only was Carson still unable to answer the question, he seemed to have no clue about the department at all.

Reps. Porter and Beatty weren’t the only ones demanding answers from the HUD secretary. Listen to the exchange below, where Rep. Pressley questioned Dr. Ben Carson about the substandard conditions in public housing. Carson’s responses were nothing short of enraging and wickedly disrespectful to the congresswoman from Massachusetts.

Perhaps the worst moment of Carson’s testimony came when he was asked about the Trump administration’s pending plan to purge undocumented immigrants and their U.S.-born children from public housing, a move that could kick 55,000 people out of their homes. This is what that monster had to say:

“It seems only logical that taxpaying American citizens should be taken care of first,” Carson said during a three-and-a-half-hour congressional hearing on oversight of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. “It’s not that we’re cruel, mean-hearted. It’s that we are logical. This is common sense. You take care of your own first.” [emphasis added]

Dr. Ben Carson wouldn’t know common sense if it bit him in his incompetent ass. There are so many people unqualified for the roles they’ve been given by Trump, but seriously, Ben Carson has to be the most incompetent of them all.

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