Let’s check in with House Republicans to see if Donald Trump’s Bud Light Lime Hold My Beer And Watch This Worst Week Ever, Poochie Plus One Edition is making any of them rethink their unwavering support for a barely functioning idiot manchild with a moon-sized ego and the management skills of a rabid squirrel duct-taped to a Roomba and set loose in the Roosevelt Room.

How do you rate Trump’s week, stalwart Trump supporter Rep. Chris Collins?

“This has been a great week for the President,” Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY), a staunch Trump ally, said on CNN Monday morning.

“I was at the jamboree, you know, 40,000 Boy Scouts shouting ‘We love Trump, we love Trump.’ Banning transgenders, which is probably supported by the vast majority of Americans,” he said. […]

“On Friday we were in New York City talking about ms-13 (gangs), something that is the scourge of America, he’s taking the fight to the criminal element, dealing with North Korea, dealing with Russia, and now he has solidified the inner circle of the West Wing with John Kelly, Anthony Scaramucci, two great individuals,” he said. “I think it’s all coming together extremely well as we move into tax reform.”

To be fair to Rep. Collins, this was mere hours before one of those two “great individuals” was escorted off the White House grounds after a tenure as White House communications guru that expired  sooner than the milk in the White House fridge. Tune in tomorrow, when he will return to television to explain how the removal of that individual after only a week-ish on the job similarly shows Donald Trump’s management and governmental prowess.

So the answer is no. No, House Republicans are not any closer to distancing themselves from the imploding presidency. Not over Russia, not over his use of the presidency as mere advertising backdrop for his own brand, not over the man’s obvious incompetence and stability, not for anything.

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