House kicks off debate on impeachment resolution; vote expected soon


The full House will vote Thursday on the impeachment resolution laying out rules for the inquiry going forward. Though Republicans will continue to complain about process, such a vote has in fact been one of their primary demands. C-SPAN’s coverage of the debate begins at 9 AM ET, and CBS reports that a vote is “expected by midday.”

The resolution will set the course for public hearings to be held by the House Intelligence Committee, which will then report to the House Judiciary Committee to lead the actual impeachment process. In the Judiciary Committee, Donald Trump’s lawyers would be allowed to participate in hearings, and House Republicans could request subpoenas, though they would need Democrats to sign off. Republicans are of course complaining bitterly about this, but The New York Times reports, “That has been standard in previous modern impeachments. The majority has the final say over how the proceedings unfold.” Go figure. Republicans complain when the same rules they’ve used are applied to them.

As the vote approached, two more Democrats who flipped Republican seats in 2018, Reps. Kendra Horn and Jared Golden, announced they would vote for the resolution, leaving just three Democrats uncommitted.

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