House Intelligence panel to hold hearings on Russian interference portion of Mueller’s report

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Still unable to get any information about the counterintelligence probe into Russia’s 2016 cyberattack, the House Intelligence Committee plans to hold a series of hearings on Volume I of Robert Mueller’s report.

“We have not been able to get a clear answer yet from the intelligence community or the FBI as to whether that investigation is still open, whether that investigation mushroomed into a set of other counterintelligence investigations, whether it was closed at some time,” House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff said Tuesday at a Council on Foreign Relations event in Washington.

The hearings will initially explore the counterintelligence investigation that served as the basis of the FBI’s original probe and was handed off to Mueller after he was appointed special counsel. Schiff called it “troubling” that the intelligence community has failed to brief the Intelligence Committee on what happened to that inquiry. He said that he was not only interested in what Mueller’s probe uncovered, but also which avenues it did and didn’t explore beyond criminality.

Schiff’s intent to hold hearings parallels an announcement Monday from the House Judiciary Committee, which is also planning a series of informational hearings about Mueller’s report set to begin next week. Schiff’s panel has also subpoenaed counterintelligence materials from the Justice Department, which has begun to release some documents to the panel.

“The Justice Department has started to provide some of the materials that we have asked for on a rolling basis,” Schiff said. “We hope that will continue.”

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