House Intelligence member confirms Cohen offered ‘game-changing’ testimony in closed-door meeting

Newsy / YouTube Cohen secretly taped Trump...
Newsy / YouTube

On Thursday, Michael Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow that Cohen had given the House Intelligence Committee “game-changing” information about Donald Trump and his gooey web of lies.

Last night, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell, a member of the Intelligence Committee, appeared on Maddow’s show to corroborate that statement.

Oh, it went a little something like this:

MADDOW: So last night Mr. Cohen’s attorney told us it wasn’t the original plan to have Michael Cohen return next week for another session with your committee, the Intelligence Committee. He said that became necessary after Cohen developed new information. He characterized it as potentially game-changing, And I know you can’t tell us what Cohen said behind closed doors, but can you tell us if his lawyer is spinning us. Can you tell us if there is new information or broadly what it’s about?

SWALWELL: He’s not spinning, and we truly were at the edge of our seats listening intently as Mr. Cohen told us information that he certainly did not tell us in October 2017 when we interviewed him and he certainly did not testify to during the open hearing. And that was the arrangement, was that he was going to make sure that when he testified to the Intelligence Committee he wouldn’t talk about anything that could compromise any other agreements he had or any ongoing investigations. But we did take a deeper dive into what Mr. Cohen knows and we expect him to come back on Wednesday with corroborating documents to see if it’s true.

MADDOW: He contends that he has corroborating documents to back up whatever it is he told your committee behind closed doors?

SWALWELL: He does, and you know, Rachel, I’ve found him to be a liberated man. I watched him for about 10 hours in October 2017, and he seemed like someone who had an interest in protecting someone else, as he did. He wasn’t straight with us. There were a lot of “I don’t recalls” if it was convenient to protect the president, but here he was very careful in his testimony.

Sadly, members of the House Intelligence committee don’t walk around with unsecured cell phones like our pr*sident does, so it might be a while before we get the juicy details.




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Jonathan D Voitko
Jonathan D Voitko

Call him “our president” if you want to…he’s not my president

Impeach trump
Impeach trump

He is not MY president either! Americans are fed up with being blasted hourly about some new criminal act, more lies, more nepotism and more baby-fits from this senile old man…however WE are more fed up with nothing being done about him while our lives, our military and our National Security is at risk and broken-WE want Answers NOW WHY is he still in office???

Michael owens
Michael owens

Exactly !, if hes not removed from the WH soon… he will start another war or bring the country to its knees with violence and hate