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A Democratic representative who sits on the House Intelligence Committee is sounding the alarm bells that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is in a race against time on the Russia investigation.

“If you had seen what I had seen you’d want me to go full throttle,” Illinois Rep. Mike Quigley said Thursday, stressing the urgency of what’s already been uncovered by the House investigation. Raw Story writes:

“The Mueller investigation could take at least another year, maybe two, but (the House) investigation is closer to its infancy than conclusion,” Quigley said Thursday, during a discussion at DePaul University College of Law. “In the meantime, we live with the very real threat that the Mueller investigation gets shut down.”

Quigley said the investigation, despite its complexity, had already revealed evidence of wrongdoing. […]

“One of the reasons I speak the way I do when I message about this is I’m worried about a constitutional crisis,” Quigley said. “I think there is a reason he speaks to the base in the manner in which he does. He’s prepping them, girding them for this.”

The full interview was captured on Periscope here, with some of Quigley’s choice quotes documented in this Twitter thread.

Trump has aimed more focus and fury at discrediting both the Russia investigation and the reporting on it than he’s targeted at any other single issue since taking office. But Quigley is certainly in a position to know better than most Americans exactly what fuels Trump’s Russia obsession. 

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